This issue looks at “Separating the Hope from the Hype.”

I’ve written a lot about the so-called democratic reforms that the so-called freedom fighters are fighting for as nation after nation is targeted for a “Day of Rage.” Since we’re on information overload these days, a little repetition is in order to help us separate the hope from the hype. I previously mentioned a Pew Research Center survey conducted in Egypt during the spring of 2010 revealed that 85% of Egyptians saw Islam as a positive influence in politics. Nearly 60% identified themselves as “Islamic Fundamentalists” who oppose the westernization of their country. Only 27% wanted to “modernize” Egypt, and only 20% were “very concerned with “Islamic extremism” in Egypt.

Why then, would 59% of Egyptians say they preferred democracy over any other form of government? It doesn’t seem to make sense until you understand what they mean by democracy. In the Middle-East, democracy has nothing to do with Jeffersonian principles of limited government, a free press, or popular  accountability. It’s all about having their voices heard, and guess who has the loudest voices. Advocates of political Islam like the Muslim Brotherhood. We should keep these figures in mind as we hear the incessant hype over the spread of democracy in the region.

If the voices of the people count for anything, we can expect an Islamic regime in Egypt and elsewhere. Those like Tony Blair who have become cheerleaders for democracy in these countries don’t understand the realities on the ground. They also don’t seem to have grasped the fact that the “freedom fighters” don’t like us. They’ll be happy to accept our aid until they’ve gained the upper hand. Then they’ll turn on us in a heartbeat. Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Ahmad Mersi was probably correct when he said that the Egyptian people wanted the rule of Islamic law.

For those who may be feeling relieved that all this nasty stuff is happening halfway around the world, I’m sorry to remind you that the Muslim Brotherhood is actively working their magic right here in the US of A. A memorandum confiscated in 1991 revealed their strategy of “jihad by sabotage.” Their plan was to establish axis mosques and perimeter mosques in every major urban center. Twenty years later it appears that the plan is pretty much on schedule.

All this having been said, there is good news, which I will present in my next edition. It will be worth reporting all the bad news if it draws one person closer to the Lord and into the saving arms of our Lord Jesus Christ. As days get more and more difficult, we will all find that we can’t make it alone, but our Lord has always been in the business of lifting people out of their hopelessness and despair.

Thou wilt make known to me the path of life.
In Thy presence is fullness of joy.
In Thy right hand are pleasures forever (Psalm 16:11).


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