This issue offers a Passover reflection.

As some point during the evening of April 19, go outside and look for the full moon. Passover comes always on the 14th of the Jewish month of Nisan (Abib), always a full moon. The Israelites needed no lighted torches on the night of their deliverance from Egypt 3500 years ago. God provided all the light they needed. (Nor did the Roman soldiers on the night of Jesus’ betrayal.)
On this day, 3500 years ago, lambs were slaughtered throughout Goshen in Egypt, Hyssop brushes stroked Jewish doorposts with lamb’s blood. The children of Israel met quietly, sequestered behind their bloodstained doors, waiting to be delivered from 400 years of slavery.
On this night, 3500 years ago, the Lord went through the land looking for blood on doorposts. There was a great deliverance, a pass-over. Firstborn sons were slain in houses where there was no blood. Firstborn sons of believing Israel were spared through the blood of the lamb. The lamb’s blood painted on doorposts brought freedom. The wealth of Egypt became the wealth of Israel.
On this day, 2000 years ago, another Lamb was slain. Human hearts were stroked with Lamb’s blood and freed from centuries of slavery. The Lord began to look for Lamb’s blood on the doorposts of hearts. There was a great deliverance – a passing over. Wealth was restored to the sons of Adam. Another Moses led another Israel out of another Egypt. Lamb’s blood on the doorposts of hearts brought freedom.
Today, Lamb’s blood is still found on human hearts. Deliverance is found behind a blood-stained door. If the doorpost of your heart is stained with Lamb’s blood, have a glorious Passover. If not, grab quickly the hyssop and look for the Lamb’s blood. The exodus will come suddenly! The Lamb who was slain has risen and will return as King of kings and Lord of lords!
Thanks to Don Finto for these insights.

When we’re following God, He always provides everything we need, including the light needed to escape. Two thousand years ago the “Light of the World” left heaven and came to earth to deliver us from the powers of darkness. No matter how bad things get, the God of the Bible is still offering deliverance and His method is still the same- through His Son Whose blood was shed for each one of us. He became our substitute on the cross. Apply His blood to the doorposts of your heart and be delivered from everything that has kept you from experiencing His wonderful freedom. You need not fear the angel of death. He will “pass over” your house and God will usher you into His land of promise, filled with blessings.


How to Interpret Employment Ads:
“Problem Solving Skills a Must” – You are walking into a company in perpetual chaos. Haven’t heard a word from anyone out there. Your first task is to find out what is going on.