This issue looks at Israel’s war preparations, Australia’s costly boycott of Israel, Iran’s possible expansion, required headscarfs in Britain, the Egypt-Iran alliance, and Abbas’s quest for support. OUR ISRAELI CONNECTION

Israel Prepared for Long Haul
One Jerusalem reports that Israel’s Defense Forces have developed a plan for protracted conflict over the course of many years. It is comforting that the IDF is not delusional about political events in the Middle East, as so many American commentators and policymakers seem convinced that an Age Aquarius is upon us. That kind of pie in the sky thinking can be disastrous.
$4 Million Bill for Boycotting Israel in Australia
David Zauber reports that the decision to boycott Israel by the Australian Green Party Mayor of Marrickville, Ms. Fiona Byrne, will cost ratepayers almost $4 million. A council business paper shows a hit list of a dozen international companies to either be banned from doing business with the council or have their existing contracts cancelled for profiting from Israel’s “occupation of Palestine”.”But a financial impact statement attached to the council business papers reveals it will have to spend $4 million to replace equipment and supplies produced by the companies listed in the boycott. A further 1,800 companies would be banned from future dealings with the council, a list the council admits was downloaded from a pro-Palestinian website.

Ahmadinejad Claims Zionist Era is Over
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: In a speech to crowds gathered in celebration of Iran’s “Army Day,” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the crowd that the era of Zionism had passed and then described his vision for the future of the Middle East: “A new Middle East will emerge without the presence of the United States and the Zionist regime [Israel], and their allies in the near future.” I [Mike Evans] can tell you now that the future will see Iran taking over Afghanistan and Iraq and creating a Shi’a caliphate. No, it will not take over the countries in the sense that Iran will occupy those countries, but they will be populated with Islamic clerics. It will unite 300 million Shi’ites in a holy war against a billion Sunnis. America and Israel will be in the crosshairs.
Wear Headscarf Or Die
John Hawkins of reports: Years ago, Mark Steyn told me that in certain parts of Britain, non-Muslim women wore the veil because it kept them from getting harassed in the streets by Muslims. Apparently, some of the Islamic radicals in Britannia have decided to formalize the arrangement. Women who do not wear headscarves are being threatened with violence and even death by Islamic extremists intent on imposing sharia law on parts of Britain, it was claimed today.
Egypt to Align with Iran
Jay Sekulow reports that Egypt’s new government is choosing to reestablish diplomatic ties and align itself with Iran, according to breaking news reports. This threatens the delicate balance in the Middle East and could spell disaster for Israel, our greatest ally in the region. If Egypt, which has been Israel’s only ally in the Middle East, establishes diplomatic ties with Iran, the sworn enemy of Israel, it would tip the balance of power in the Middle East in favor of Iran and radical Islam.
Abbas Seeks Further Support
Presidential Prayer Team reports that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is set to visit France and Germany in a bid to gain support for Palestinian statehood prior to the scheduled United Nations consideration in September. Legal and political analysts warn that the Palestinian independence campaign could backfire, causing Israel to “dig in its heels” on future peace talks, creating problems with the U.S., and perhaps limiting future Palestinian rights.
Off to Zambia
On the 26th I leave for three weeks in Zambia, helping to train pastors with Ambassadors for Christ, Int. I will provide updates in my Saturday edition. For now, I hope you have a meaningful Easter, reflecting on the implications of Christ’s historically proven resurrection. It proved, once again, that our Lord Jesus had the power over death, something no other religious leader could claim. It also proved that God accepted His sacrifice on our behalf, making heaven and eternal life available to anyone who believed in HIm, trusting in Him and Him alone for his salvation. What a gift!

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