This issue looks at what will happen to Israel.

Recently, we have seen both Hamas and Islamic Jihad attempting to provoke an IDF response by continually firing rockets into Israel. These attacks, however, are insignificant compared to a more subtle attack to take place across the Atlantic in the U.N. General Assembly. The Palestinian Authority is scheduled to introduce a unilateral resolution declaring a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders of Judea and Samaria with East Jerusalem as its capital. The PA is expected to introduce UNGA Resolution 377, originally adopted in November of 1950, which provides a solution should the five permanent members of the Security Council fail to reach an agreement.
The solution is simply to send the matter to the General Assembly (where a unanimous vote is not required). The GA can issue its own “appropriate recommendations” for “collective measures” to be taken by individual states, including “the use of armed force when necessary, to maintain or restore international peace and security.” The implementation of Resolution 377 entitled “Uniting for Peace,” would spell disaster for Israel. The Palestinian leadership is expecting a U.S. veto, which would sent the matter to the General Assembly where more than 110 nations are committed to vote “Yes.” (While Obama is personally for the measure, political expedience has forced him to “officially” reject the measure in favor of direct negotiations.) 

So, what does this mean for Israel’s future? We are going to draw some faulty conclusions regarding the future of Israel (and the whole Middle East) if we look only at how things appear. The Bible says we’re currently seeing things “through a dark, dim lens.” From God’s perspective, things aren’t as they appear to us. If we want to know how things really are, we must look to God’s Word. Here are a couple of the things it says:
God will shake the nations
Isn’t this exactly what we’re seeing today? But note who is doing the shaking. God Himself. He can and will use anyone He chooses, even those who hate Him. The time of judgment is upon us, and He has explained the forms it would take-earthquakes, famines, shortages, plagues, disasters, wars, anarchy, terrorism, and economic collapse. He will also judge by giving us over to our own ways- lawlessness, loveless relationships, selfishness, vain delusions, believing a lie, all sorts of false religions, an apostate church, and our own perverted versions of Christianity.
Israel will prevail
God has placed Israel (and Jerusalem in particular) in the midst of nations that seethe with hatred toward her. He gave her every chance to turn to Him for safety and deliverance, yet she has turned her back. Yet, despite her stubbornness and rebellion, God will not permit her to be destroyed. Why? Because of His promises to Israel. It is His name and reputation that are at stake. Considering what He says about those nations that blaspheme His name, we can expect that God will, in His perfect timing, bring down those nations that are voting against Israel as well as bring down the entire Islamic revolution. He will hear the cries of those whose blood Muslims have shed worldwide…and He will use Israel to do it. The same thing goes for Russia, or any other nation or power that comes against His beloved Israel. It’s time to weigh current events against the truth of God’s Word. Only then will we see things as the really are.


The liberals are asking us to give Obama time. We agree, and think 25 to life would be appropriate.
–Jay Leno