This issue looks at Babylon and the New World Order.

God’s Word tells us that all the political, economic, religious, and physical upheavals

Artist rendition of Tower of Babel

 the world is experiencing are the Lord’s doing as He prepares the world for the next phase, which some call the New World Order. Actually, there’s nothing new about it. It’s nothing less that the power and character of Babylon, energized by the spirit of darkness, the principality of Babylon. He is the spirit of antichrist, who first manifested himself at Babel seeking to produce a one-world order where God had no place. God, of course, had the last word. He is now preparing the world for the advent of the Man of Lawlessness.
All the apparent chaos in the world is not chaos at all. God’s fingerprints are all over it. The God of Israel is preparing the whole world, but especially Europe and America. What America has experienced recently is just the beginning. It appears that God’s patience has run out. The “Old World Order” is being reformed and repackaged before our eyes. What Satan initiated through Nimrod at the Tower of Babel will be given new life…for a season, and it won’t be long until the speculation over just who “Babylon the Great” represents will be over.

The world as we once knew it is over. We live in scary times, yet God has placed us here at this time for a reason. God wants us to stand with Him that His will be done. We are not to fear or be cast down by what is happening around us. He will protect and take care of His children. We must not lose sight of what God is doing. Throughout history, God has been preparing a Bride for His Son. That purpose will be kicked into high gear in these Last Days. We will see the reality of the parable Jesus told in Matthew 22 about the king who gave a wedding feast for his son. After so many of those who had been invited came up with excuse after excuse (some even murdered his messengers), the king ordered his servants to go to the main highways and invite as many as they could find.
This is what the Lord is about to do. By His Spirit, He will work worldwide, reaping a worldwide harvest, preparing a people for His glory. In all the turmoil and confusion, the Lord will work mightily, and as He draws the redeemed from the corners of the earth, so He will draw His Jewish people back to the land He has given them for an eternal inheritance. He will surely judge every nation and leader that will oppose this His purpose, and He will use every means to bring them home.
Whether the Rapture takes place before the “New World Order” officially emerges is unclear. The point is to be ready and not be deceived. Regardless of how long believers are here, we are to be fully engaged in saving people not only from hell, but the clutches of the coming evil kingdom. We must not be among those who are busy making excuses. Time is running out.


Have you heard about McDonalds’ new Obama Value Meal?
Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it.
–Conan O’Brien