This issue looks at Netanyahu’s new Bible Study, Hamas’s celebration of Israeli deaths, sanctions against Iran, the threat against Lowe’s for pulling ad on Muslim program, and the advance of Shariah law in America.

Pray that all Israelis follow his lead and begin reading the Word, like in the days of King Josiah
Joel Rosenberg reports: I read a fascinating story in the Jerusalem Post this morning and it gave me fresh hope for the nation of Israel. “Taking a page out of David Ben-Gurion and Menachem Begin’s playbook, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will begin hosting a regular Bible study group in his official residence for researchers, public officials and invited guests, “reports the Post.” Both Ben-Gurion and Begin, when they each served as prime minister, hosted regular Bible study groups. Netanyahu said he was establishing the class to perpetuate love of the Bible.”

 Let’s pray that many Israelis would follow the Prime Minister’s lead and begin reading the Holy Scriptures again, and that Bible studies in people’s homes would spring up all over the Land of Israel. Such a national reawakening to the importance of the Scriptures has happened before in Israel’s history. Remember men like Nehemiah, Ezra, Josiah, and Joel? Read more


Hamas Marks Anniversary with Celebration of Israeli Deaths
The Israeli Project reports: The Iran-backed Hamas terrorist organization celebrated its 24th anniversary Wednesday by boasting that its military wing has killed 1,365 Israelis, wounded almost 6,500 and fired over 11,000 rockets at Israeli towns and cities. Tens of thousands of Hamas followers rallied in Gaza at a central stage, built to resemble a ship and meant to symbolize Hamas’ dream of destroying Israel and “retaking all of the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean,” the Washington Post reported. Read more.
Why isn’t the Obama Administration Serious about Stopping Iran’s Nuclear Program?
 Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: For months now, it’s been apparent as I read the news and talk to friends in Washington and Jerusalem that the Obama Administration is not serious about stopping Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Make no mistake-nuclear weapons in the hands of the radical Islamists in Tehran are not just a threat to Israel; they pose a grave threat to America and the rest of the free world as well. Yet Washington has refused to impose serious sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank-sanctions that the British government put in place several weeks ago. Administration officials this past week, including Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, have been speaking publicly about the economic fallout of potential military action against Iran. With the election looming, another economic shock could spell disaster…but is it worth sacrificing Israel for a few more votes?
U.S. House Passes Tough New Sanctions on Iran
The Israel Project reports: The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed Wednesday a tough new sanctions bill against Iran that authorizes the Obama administration to sanction the Central Bank of Iran if it finds that the bank has supported Iran’s terrorist activities. House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Howard Berman, a California Democrat,   said the legislation, known as the Iran Threat Reduction Act, could affect global oil markets, but that this was worth the risk in order to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Iran relies on oil exports for the vast majority of its foreign currency earnings and processes payments for its oil sales through its banking system, controlled by the Central Bank. Read more.
Lowe’s threatened with Lawsuit for Pulling Ads from Muslim Program
Godfather Politics reports: Consumers have long held some influence with companies that advertise to the public.  When there are enough consumer complaints raised with a company, the company sometimes responds by pulling the ads or from running their ads during certain programs. Not long ago, a major clothing company was prompted to pull ads that aired during a popular children’s program because they were too sexually explicit and inappropriate for young children.  This is all part of the free market enterprise system and the desire to keep customers satisfied. At least that’s been the norm until recently. Lowe’s Home Improvement centers were running their ads during the airing of a new reality show, All-American Muslim.  It didn’t take long before Lowe’s started receiving complaints from their customers.  Some accused Lowe’s of supporting a program that promoted Islamic ideas and agendas.  In response to the number of complaints they received, along with pressure from the Florida Family Association, Lowe’s decided to pull their advertising support of the Muslim reality show.
David Caton, executive director of the Florida Family Association says that since they launched a campaign against any advertising on the Muslim program that they have come under attack. Their server has been hacked into and he has been receiving harassing telephone calls including death threats. In response to Lowe’s actions, California State Senator Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) is now threatening to take legal action against the home improvement giant claiming their pulling the ads amount to religious discrimination. Read more.

Sharia Law Deciding American Court Cases
Godfather Politics reports: “Shariah Law and American Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases,” published by the Center for Security Policy, is one of the most comprehensive studies I have ever seen. It covers more than 600 pages of material. The following summary statement is shocking:
Our findings suggest that Shariah law has entered into state court decisions, in conflict with the Constitution and state public policy. Some commentators have said there are no more than one or two cases of Shariah law in U.S. state court cases; yet we found 50 significant cases just from the small sample of appellate published cases. Read more


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