This article looks at the Egyptian–American–Muslim Brotherhood connections.IT’S WORTH CONSIDERING
Over a year ago the United States fully supported the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. The reason was supposedly to give the people a voice in the government by allowing Egypt to become a democracy. Even though Mubarak operated more as a dictator than a president, he did show leniency toward non-Muslim religions. Despite continual attacks by Muslim extremists against Christians, the number of Christians and churches actually grew. That, however, may be coming to an abrupt end. Since the Arab Spring overthrow, various political factions have been maneuvering to gain control of the government. As predicted, the one whose rise top power has been the most successful is the Muslim Brotherhood, which would like nothing more than to make Egypt a country run by Muslim law to the exclusion of all other religions.

The MB (along with other political factions) is working on a new constitution as promised to the people at the time of the overthrow. However, chances are good that the resulting document is a far cry from what the people expected. As the MB continues to grow and gain more power, the constitution will likely look more like a fanatical religious pronouncement with few, if any, freedoms attached.

If this isn’t bad enough, the MB has openly vowed to destroy Israel. They see Israel as an affront and a curse to the Muslim religion and sharing a border such scum is unacceptable. The expulsion of Israel’s ambassador to Egypt was the first step in severing all ties with Israel. They have also informed Washington that the Camp David Accords would soon become a thing of the past and would no longer be honored.

In case you fail to see what all this has to do with us in America, here’s some food for thought. Despite the MB’s strong anti-Israel stance, President Barack Obama has announced that the US would resume sending Egypt military aid as they had prior to the overthrow of Mubarak. In essence, the US will resume arming the militant Muslims in Egypt for their inevitable attack on Israel.

Despite his comforting words to Jewish groups, Obama’s actions are those of one ready to join Egypt in completely severing all ties between with Israel, while setting the stage for the attempted annihilation of the nation of Israel and her people. Once Israel is destroyed, America is next. Just look at the ways this administration has been bending over backward to give the Muslim Brotherhood a prominent voice in every facet of American government, especially our judicial system and our national security. This is why I write so much about the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama must be defeated in November and a thorough housecleaning needs to take place. Please help spread the truth before it’s too late.


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