This issue looks at Israel’s new government, House support for Israel, more rocket attacks in Israel, al Qaeda’s presence in Syria, textbook distortions in Islam’s favor, Chris Christie’s pro-Muslim leanings, Obama’s fortification of jihadists worldwide, and a story of Muslim gang rape.
What the New Government in Israel Means for War with Iran
The Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: The news yesterday [May 8] that Prime Minister Netanyahu had created the broadest unity government in Israel’s history was greeted with shock and surprise. All the talk in Israeli politics had centered on early elections, which had been expected to be held in September. Instead, my old friend worked out a plan for the largest opposition party to become part of his government. This change will impact Israeli internal politics greatly, but nowhere is it more important than on the issue of dealing with the threat of a nuclear Iran. By creating this broad coalition, Prime Minister Netanyahu has brought about a situation where the government can speak with one voice and take whatever military steps prove to be necessary to respond to the growing threat from the mullahs of Tehran. A united Israel presents a much stronger face to the enemies of the Jewish state. And the unity government also strengthens Israel’s ability to resist pressure from the rest of the world to ignore the problem and hope that it goes away.

News from the Israel Project
The U.S. House yesterday overwhelmingly passed the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, a bill that reaffirms U.S. support for Israel’s security. Read more.

Gaza terrorists last night fired yet another rocket at Israel, this time in the Negev region, as Jews gathered around bonfires and at cookouts to celebrate the Lag Ba’Omer holiday. There were no injuries, but the strike brings to 351 the number of rockets, mortars and missiles fired at Israel this year alone. As usual, the incident was largely unreported outside of Israel. See statistics on rocket attacks.

As fighting rages in Syria. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says al Qaeda is building a presence there. Intelligence reports says the group may have been behind yesterday’s massive twin suicide bombings outside a military headquarters in Damascus which killed 55 people and injured 372 others. Read more about this alarming development.

Old Video Tells Today’s Story
Jerusalem reports: Watch this fascinating film of scenes from Israel’s cities in 1913. It is worth pointing out the Hebron footage, which appears here. The local Muslim population prevented the Jews from entering the Mearat Hamachpela — the Cave of Machpela, the Tomb of the Patriarchs. As such, Jews can be seen praying only OUTSIDE the walls of the building, while Muslims freely enter the site. Only since 1967, when Israel recaptured Hebron, could Jews enter and pray within the Holy site. The scene serves as a chilling reminder of what would happen — in Jerusalem and elsewhere — should the Palestinians ever gain control of Christian and Jewish Holy sites. (The video is narrated in Hebrew, but the images tell the story.) Watch video.


Textbooks Full of Serious Distortions
Act for America reports:
“Christians and Jews had full religious freedom” [under the rule of their Muslim conquerors]. World Explorer – Medieval Times to Today, Prentice Hall, 2003, p. 20

The quote above is a typical, untrue example of how the history of Islamic jihad and conquest is portrayed as tolerant in the textbooks used in our public schools today. We have received a number of positive email responses to the report from school board members across the country, and we are getting reports from chapter leaders who are meeting with local and even state school officials. Great work everyone! Click here to see a full report.

Guy Rodgers, ACT! for America Education Executive Director, recently appeared on the Stakelbeck on Terror program to discuss the report. Please take the time to watch the video of this interview. It is a real eye opener.

Chris Christie as Romney’s VP?
Read this revealing article by Godfather Politics. It reinforces my fears that Gov. Christie is way too Muslim friendly to be a responsible part of the Republican ticket.

Obama Fortifies Jihadists around the World reports: Frank Gaffney, the head of the Center for Security Policy and an expert on Islam, believes that the Obama Administration is doing all it can to fortify the Islamic Jihad movement around the globe. Gaffney says the Obama Administration is “fundamentally misconstruing the nature of the enemy” and is engaged in a “wrecking operation” in respect to our military’s capability to project power in the world. Read more.

UK Muslims Gang Raped White Girls because they weren’t Muslim
Debbie Schlussel reports: So, a large group of Muslims in the United Kingdom wants to celebrate a birthday, etc. They decide that the most Islamic way to do this is to gang rape White, non-Muslim women for the very reason that these women aren’t Muslim. And they make one of them have sex with 20 of the Muslims in one night. (It’s not the first or last time “Western” Muslims have done this. Remember when Shamrez Rashid, Amar Hussain, Adil Saleem, Jahbar Rafiq, and Amer Islam Choudhrey-all of them also Brit Muslims-repeatedly gang raped two teenage girls to celebrate the Eid (Islamic religious festival)?) And that’s why they call it the “Religion of Peace,” right?…One of the gang rapists is a religious studies teacher at a local mosque. Read more.


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