God’s Justice Cannot Sleep Forever

With our elections only a few months away, it’s easy to see why so many Obama Administration officials have paid recent visits to Israel. Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton’s recent visit was merely the latest and most publicized. The message has consistently been the same: “Don’t bomb Iran.” The reason is simple.  The Obama Administration is terrified over the economic impact that war in the Middle East would have on the US economy.

It’s also no secret that the Clintons are no friends to the Jewish state. President Bill Clinton tried to directly intervene in the Israeli election of 1999 to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu. Clinton sent many of his top strategists and fund raisers to Israel in hopes of getting a Prime Minister who would agree to give up the land God promised to the Jewish people in exchange for promises of peace. That plan would have succeeded had not Yasser Arafat refused the deal, demanding even more than what he had originally asked for.

Neither Barack Obama nor the Clintons are concerned about Israel except as it affects them, and America has suffered the consequences. One of the most vivid examples occurred on September 27, 1998, when Secretary of State Madeleine Albright met with Yasser Arafat to work out the final details of the plan that would force Israel to give away thirteen percent of her land. On the same day, Hurricane Georges began pounding the Gulf coast. As soon as Arafat left America, the hurricane quickly dissipated.

In the same year, the Israeli foreign minister and one of Arafat’s deputies met to work out

Hurricane Floyd

the final arrangements of yet another land giveaway orchestrated earlier by Secretary Albright. On the same day Hurricane Floyd suddenly grew into a Category 5 storm before pounding North Carolina’s coast three days later. I give several other examples in my book, The Israeli Connection. For a more detailed presentation of these and more recent national catastrophes, I recommend Eye to Eye by Bill Koenig. He connects the dots regarding over fifty more recent American storms, fires, crashes, etc. and their connection to diplomatic efforts to give away Israel’s land.

Previous “land for peace” proposals (all doomed to failure) are insignificant compared to Barack Obama push for “Pre ’67 War Borders.” We have reached a  level of anti-Israel sentiment unimaginable by any previous president. If you have visited the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, you may remember Jefferson’s engraved words:

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep

Jefferson Memorial


Those of us who love Israel must do everything we can to sound the alarm before it’s too late.


A penny saved is a government oversight.