The Legacy of Appeasement
Not long after his election as Egypt’s new president, Mohammed Morsi was invited to

Mohammed Morsi

Washington by President Obama. While it’s hard to find fault with the idea of meeting and strengthening ties with a new foreign leader, this invitation is part of a pattern that has historically not ended well. Despite the fact that Morsi is a member of the radical terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, Mr. Obama was one of the first world leaders to congratulate him on his victory. Obama also pledged that U.S. support for Egypt will continue under the new government.

I was not alone in predicting a win for the Muslim Brotherhood. The pattern had been

Shah of Iran

displayed for anyone with an open mind to see. The whole “Arab Spring” movement echoed the same developments that occurred in Iran in 1979 after the fall of the Shah. First, there is a revolution as the nation’s citizens seek freedom and a greater voice in government. Sooner or later, a hard line Islamic regime forces its way into power and crushes everyone who stands in their way.

Sadly, America’s leaders don’t seem to have learned what happens when we forsake our allies and embrace their Islamic replacements. The widow of the deposed Shah of Iran openly expressed her grief and disappointment over the way her husband was betrayed and abandoned by the West, especially President Jimmy Carter. What happened in Iran was a complete disaster, but some of our leaders still cling to the idea that appeasing our enemies will make everything all right.

I found it very telling that even as Secretary of State Clinton was in Egypt to offer billions in American tax dollars to a government now headed by a radical member of a terrorist organization, her motorcade was pelted by shoes (a sign of intense disrespect in the Arab world) as she drove through Alexandria. Appeasement will only make things worse by making us look weak and fearful. The smell of blood in the water only sends Islamic radicals into a frenzy. In their eyes, they have nothing in common with us and their desire is to see Israel and America destroyed.

What must they think of us as we are welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood into influential positions in our government? How they must be laughing as we enlist their support and input regarding how we should deal with Islam here in America. Thank God there are some voices of reason in Washington-not many, but they are strong voices of reason-men like Peter King, Allen West, and Louie Gohmert. Click on their names to send them a note of support and encouragement.


He who hesitates is probably right.