Exposing “Agenda 21” PART ONE
An Introduction
Today’s post is the first in a three part series that deviates from our normal pattern. I am covering a new topic because it is crucial to America’s survival. You probably haven’t heard of “Agenda 21,” but you’ve certainly heard of some of the programs the Obama administration is using to implement it- Cap and Trade, Global Warming, Social Justice, Green Design, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Healthcare Reform, Wealth Redistribution, and a host of others. (You’ll be as amazed as I was to discover how all these are interrelated.)

To see the big picture, imagine Agenda 21 as representing an entire train. Programs like Cap and Trade are the cars. The engine driving it all is what is called Sustainable Development. I know too well just how far the sustainable development movement has infiltrated our nation and culture. In order to keep my architectural license current, I must earn yearly continuing education credits. As I peruse my course options, nearly 70% deal in some way with sustainable design. I must comply with the host of new sustainable design regulations in order to keep my license current. While the goal of “saving the environment” is noble, I have always felt that behind it is something much more sinister.

I have recently discovered that my suspicions were well founded. I have also learned that its sinister nature goes deeper than anything I could have imagined, posing a well-concealed threat to the freedom of every American. Many planning, zoning, and building inspection officials in communities across America are unaware that they have been carrying out a UN program as they enforce “visioning,” “historic preservation,” and “orderly development” mandates. Unfortunately, community development is only one car on the train. Every American is affected in profound ways by the other well-disguised cars.

The mastermind behind Agenda 21 is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, and its goal is to enforce it in every community in the world. Currently 544 American cities are actually paying dues to the ICLEI from local taxes. Once its foot is in the door, the ICLEI attempts to take over the community by creating non-elected boards and councils that answer to no one. These “facilitators” outline a vision for the community. Debate is forbidden. The real heavy hitters of the movement plead for “social justice” as they testify before congressional committees. Typically, they use carefully selected buzz words that sound noble, but have sinister meanings-terms like free trade, consensus, and environmental protection.

If you’re not associated with the building/development industry, you’re probably not aware that the sustainable development agenda is now the official policy of every state and most local governments. Interestingly, it’s not a Republican or a Democratic issue. It is being implemented purely on a bi-partisan basis. It is promoted as good environmental stewardship, but that’s not what it is really about. Rather than good management of resources, Sustainable Development really means denied use of critical resources. By governmental edict, these resources are prohibited, frozen, or banned. Why is our President against the Keystone Pipeline? Why has he issued a moratorium on drilling in key areas? Why is he railing against the coal industry? The answer is that he is committed to Agenda 21 and its engine–Sustainable Development.

In the next issue, we’ll look more closely at What is Sustainable Development?

To learn more about AGENDA 21 and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, contact the American Policy Center. They have a 3 disk DVD America’s Choice: Liberty or Sustainable Development as well as a detailed manual “Sustainable Development: The Wrenching Transformation of America, How we are losing our liberties.” These two resources present in detail how Agenda 21 is being forced on America and what we can do to expose and stop it.

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