Exposing “Agenda 21” PART TWO
What is Sustainable Development?

In the first issue I tried to prepare you for the sinister underpinnings of Sustainable Design. Well, here it is. Behind the Sustainable Development (SD) philosophy is a belief that our current governmental system (Democratic Republic) should be transformed into one more resembling feudalism. In case you forgot what that was all about, it was the stage of society that preceded capitalism, during which a small elite (the aristocracy) demanded recompense from a peasantry in exchange for military protection. Each feudal peasant knew exactly what proportion of his labor had to be handed over to the aristocracy. He or she could keep the rest. They would pull this off by making nature (more specifically, environmental protection at all costs) the organizing principle for our economy and society. The operating policies would focus on global land use, global education, and global population control.

Under feudalism (and SD), private property is impossible. This is hard to imagine here in America. Our nation and culture is based on the ideals of private ownership, but we stand alone in this regard. For the rest of the world, the required transformation would not be as difficult and would not require such drastic and radical changes. To achieve radical changes, it’s necessary to disguise the measures with noble sounding rhetoric like “social justice,” a phrase first coined by Karl Marx as a synonym for Socialism. Social justice demands an end to the injustice that some have prosperity and/or property while others don’t. It is a social injustice for some to be bosses while others are mere workers. It is also a social injustice for a nation to close its borders.

To summarize, Sustainable Development can de described as the process by which America is being transformed into a state-run collectivist society using the environment as bait.

Sometimes it’s easier to understand what something is by discovering what it isn’t. According to the UN’s Biodiversity Assessment Report, certain things are NOT sustainable, including industry, paved roads, dams and reservoirs, and power line construction.

Nowhere is this more evident than in northern California, where a massive effort is being

J.C. Boyle Dam

made to tear down the four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River. These dams create “clean energy” as they supply electricity for more than 70,000 people in northern California and southern Oregon. Opponents, however, insist that the dams must be destroyed to “restore depleted fisheries and reinvigorate their upstream habitat.”

Contrary to their argument, a fish hatchery just below one of the dams produces five hundred million salmon smolts each year, 17,000 of which return annually to spawn. Opponents of the dams say those fish don’t count, and the hatchery must be destroyed with the dams because hatchery fish are genetically inferior, lacking the behavioral skills to survive in the wild. The reality is that science has yet to prove any difference between fish “born” in hatcheries or the wild.

True to their far left philosophy, those leading the charge for dam removal propose replacing the dams with wind and solar power generating systems despite the much higher cost and the dependence on the sun shining and the wind blowing. With the looming threat of the removal of the dams, and the prospect of the glimmering waters replaced by a dry lake bed, property values have already plummeted.

The lack of logic displayed by the dam opponents and their ignoring of the very real costs to the local residents shows that the real issue has nothing to do with saving the fish. It’s all about carrying Agenda 21’s Sustainable Development philosophy. It’s a step closer to a New World Order run by a one-world government. Americans should be especially concerned because at the top of the “Not Sustainable” list are economic systems that fail to set the proper value on protecting the environment. This, of course includes capitalism and our whole free market system.

To learn more about AGENDA 21 and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, contact the American Policy Center. They have a 3 disk DVD America’s Choice: Liberty or Sustainable Development as well as a detailed manual “Sustainable Development: The Wrenching Transformation of America, How we are losing our liberties.” These two resources present in detail how Agenda 21 is being forced on America and what we can do to expose and stop it.

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