This issue looks at the MB’s jihad against Israel, Israeli-Greek and Israeli-American joint military exercises, Iran’s nuclear setback, the Muslim rejoicing over Hurricane Sandy, Osama’s donations to Obama’s campaign, and one writer’s view of what’s behind the Benghazi attack.

MB Leader calls for Holy Jihad against Israel
The Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: The Supreme Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie, has called for an end to all negotiations regarding Jerusalem and the beginning of “holy Jihad.” Saying “the Zionists only understand force,” Badie called for all Muslims to fulfill their duty and take up the cause of war for “the recovery of Jerusalem.” “The time has come for the Islamic nation to unite around one man for the sake of Jerusalem and Palestine,” he said. “The Jews have dominated the land, spread corruption on earth, spilled the blood of believers and in their actions profaned holy places, including their own. Zionists only understand the language of force and will not relent without duress. This will only happen through holy Jihad, high sacrifices, and all forms of resistance. The day they realize we will march this path and raise the banner of Jihad for the sake of God, is the day they will relent and stop their tyranny.”

News from the Israel Project

When the air raid siren sounds, you have15 seconds or less to take cover before a rocket strikes. This is the result.

The Israeli Air Force met Greek counterparts for a joint exercise in Greek air space to

IAF Helicopters

simulate a rescue operation. The event, which included exchanges on tactics and principles, follows a joint naval exercise between the two countries that took place in July. Relations between Greece and Israel, which have historically taken frosty turns, have seen a dramatic boost in recent months. The shift has been cited by analysts as further evidence that the foreign policy of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) party has triggered a geopolitical realignment in the Eastern Mediterranean. Wikileaks cables have at times described the AKP’s foreign policy ambitions as “lost in neo-Ottoman Islamist fantasies,” and Ankara has indicated that it may interfere in the development of energy resources off the Israeli and Cypriot coasts.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey is in Israel to oversee the Austere Challenge joint military exercise. The drill – which brings together Israeli soldiers with 3,000 American troops spread across Israel, Europe, and the United States – simulates missile attacks on Israeli cities and tests joint U.S.-Israeli missile defense capabilities. It is the largest such exercise of its kind and will end with a live-fire interception of an incoming missile by a Patriot air defense battery. The trip is Dempsey’s second to Israel in 2012.


This video is sickening, but it must be seen.

Iran Used Some of its Uranium, Pushing Back “Moment of Truth” 8 to 10 Months. Read more.

Muslims Celebrate Hurricane Sandy’s Destruction
Act for America reports: On 9/11, many Muslims around the world celebrated the destruction of the World Trade Center. Today, some Muslims are celebrating the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. While this of course is not representative of all Muslims, it is sad nonetheless. When natural disasters strike the Muslim world, America is there to help. Here’s one example of Muslims celebrating.

A Muslim man posted the following question on a popular Islamic website:
“Should we celebrate and be happy watching the Hurricane destroy several states in the US, or should we sympathize with our fellow human beings?” Here are some excerpts from Sheik and Dr. Nasser Alomar’s lengthy response:

We and Allah should be happy and we should celebrate for what has come against the prideful tyrants. America is the leader of oppression and tyranny throughout this century and it uses its money to oppress the Muslim people and Muslim nations from the far East to the far West…Why shouldn’t we celebrate when the prophet Muhammad said: “Oh Allah force your might on those who harm us.” Shouldn’t we celebrate and be happy when Allah answers the prayers of the oppressed?

Obama Accepts “Osama bin Laden” Donations
(No block to foreign money – not even from dead terrorists)
WND reports: Using a Pakistani Internet Protocol and proxy server, a disposable credit card and a fake address, “Osama bin Laden” has successfully donated twice to Barack Obama’s presidential re-election campaign. The “Bin Laden” donations, actually made by WND staff, included a listed occupation of “deceased terror chief” and a stated employer of “al-Qaida.” “Bin Laden” is currently set up on the official campaign website to contribute more to Obama’s campaign. The name is also registered as a volunteer. Since the “foreign” contribution was sent, “Bin Laden’s” email address has received several solicitations from Obama’s campaign asking for more donations. Read more.

Benghazi: No Other Explanation Fits reports: On October 4 in Canada Free Press, there was a column entitled Was Ambassador Stevens’ Death a Hit?, so suspicious did I [the author] find the circumstances surrounding the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya at that time. On October 25, I followed up with Obama’s Feet of Clay, in which I discussed the likelihood that President Barack Obama failed to react to the attack despite real-time knowledge of developments in Benghazi because he wished to obscure or bury evidence of the administration’s gun running activities to Libyan and Syrian rebels. Read more.

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If all is not lost, where is it?