America’s stagnant economy may play a role in America’s support of Israel. Four more years of Barack Obama does not bode well for Israel (or America).

In a recent article, K.T. McFarland expressed her view of what America will look like under for more years of Barack Obama. She said, “Foreign policy is something Americans care about when the economy is good, and when it isn’t they hardly notice it. It’s hard to worry about what happens in the Mideast when you don’t have a job in the Midwest.” She believes that Americans will be preoccupied with American issues and problems, paying little attention to “foreign matters.”

If she’s right, Obama will be able to continue more of his behind the scenes maneuvering to transfer more of our power to the United Nations and to use his leverage to make Israel cave to his demands. Israel has been placed in an even more difficult situation. If Netanyahu knows full well that Obama, regardless of his rhetoric, does not have Israel’s back, they must be fully prepared to go it alone. Based on the Prime Minister’s recent comments, it looks like this is his position. However, elections are approaching (Jan. 22) and not everyone shares his sentiments.

The big issue right now, of course, is Iran. Obama’s only plan is to negotiate some sort of agreement with the Iranian regime. He has placed all his eggs in the economic sanction basket, and he appears to believe that he can stop Iran just short of the “nuclear weapons capability” mark by ending the sanctions and restoring relations. He would see it as a great diplomatic victory and a giant feather in his cap. Israel’s leaders may very well believe that nothing short of an attack will stop the Iranians. If they launch such an attack, it will likely be without the blessing of the Obama administration.

The only thing we know for certain is that the Iranians can’t be trusted, and any attempt to negotiate will not end well, regardless of how good it looks on paper. Iran has been allowed to advance way too far with their nuclear program. It will likely begin a new nuclear arms race in the region bringing even more chaos to the Middle East. As America retreats from the region, Israel will be even more isolated.

God will protect Israel from her enemies, but woe to those “allies” that fail to come to her side when the going gets rough.


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