If Americans knew what the U.N. was up to with our dollars, they would be outraged.
When the United Nations recently granted the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) “non-member observer status,” it violated its own charter which bans terrorists from membership. An integral part of the PA is Hamas, an officially designated terrorist organization that openly boasts of its goal of destroying Israel. Part of its charter says:

Israel will arise and continue to exist until Islam abolishes it as it abolished what went before. Judgment Day will not come until Muslim fight the Jews and kill them and until the Jew hides behind the rocks and trees.

In case you missed it, the infamous UN resolution also calls for the division of Jerusalem and Israel’s surrender of the strategic Golan Heights. Should the P.A. be granted official statehood, who knows what other “riders” would be attached to further erode Israel’s security. For certain, statehood would give the P.A. access to the International Criminal Court where they would continue to bring “war crimes” charges against Jews who defend themselves from Hamas’ attacks. If you’re wondering why the P.A. has been so reluctant to sit down and “bargain” with Israel, it’s because they are convinced there’s nothing to bargain about. Consider the recent words of Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal,

“We are not giving up any inch of Palestine. It will remain Islamic and Arab for us and nobody else. Jihad and armed resistance is the only way… We cannot recognize Israel’s legitimacy.”

In 2010 Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas declared,

“If there is an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, we won’t agree to the presence of one Israeli in it.”

So much for working out an agreement.

This is part of a pattern at the U.N. If Israel isn’t the target of its attacks, the United States is. Remember Agenda 21? It’s all about using “sustainable development” and the “going green” movement to gain control of America’s citizens. Then there was the “Law of the Sea Treaty” aimed at eliminating America’s sovereignty over our territorial waters. Recently, there’s the “Small Arms Treaty,” a disguised ploy to relieve Americans of their guns, and a host of other nefarious backdoor attacks designed to strip Americans of their rights.

In light of all this (and so much more), why are we continuing to fund the U.N. to the tune of over $4 BILLION every year? The answer is clear. The U.N. is one of Barack Obama’s key tools in his plans to dismantle America. He and his cronies at the U.N. have a well orchestrated plan to sneak in the back door while we’re preoccupied with other things. So far, our Senate has failed to ratify the proposed treaties, but I expect that to change. The lamestream media have done a superb job of keeping Americans in the dark regarding the U.N.’s activities and of course, Obama’s role.

If Americans had any idea how far our enemies have advanced on so many fronts, they would be scared to death. (Maybe then they would do something.) I will continue to sound the alarm. Please help me spread the word. Wake up America!


Watch a brief video summarizing the U.N.’s anti-Israel bias.


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