In this post I offer some perspective on preparing for the New World Order.
I have stated repeatedly that I believe we are in the Last Days. These are the days (an

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extended period of time) when the Antichrist will appear, ushering in his One World Religion and One World Government. The emergence of these two powerful entities will be possible because of the groundwork laid by key influential groups and leaders who have been filled with the spirit of the Antichrist. Their focus will be “globalism,” the hallmark of the New World Order. Nationalism and individualism will give way to a concern for world issues (like global warming, carbon emissions, and wealth redistribution). George H.W. Bush spoke openly about the need to move toward a “New World Order.” Bill Clinton seldom used the term, but opened the door for U.N. and World Court intrusion into the lives of Americans. Barack Obama has perfected the art of using the U.N. against American sovereignty. The move toward the infamous New World Order has been advancing right under our noses for quite some time.

I recently learned that back in 1995, a very significant global conference was held in SanWorld from Space PAID Francisco. It was called the State of the World Forum. Its purpose: to lay the groundwork for the world’s first global civilization, incorporating a common currency, a common language, and a uniting of all the world’s religions. (I recommend reading Revelation 17 & 18 again.) In the words of one of the conference leaders, “The universe is seeking to fulfill itself through us.” The attendees believed that they had been called to determine what changes needed to be made to usher in the ultimate destiny of the earth- a New World Order.

If this sounds like something out of “Conspiracy Theory Monthly,” think again. If they were strategizing eighteen years ago, imagine what has probably been implemented since then. Consider the state of the world today. What if all the chaos we are seeing is part of aIslam and the Last days carefully executed plan to bring the planet to the brink of collapse so someone, from out of the blue, can emerge to “save the day.” It doesn’t seem so far-fetched to me. I have laid out the evidence and have discussed some of the possibilities in my book Islam and the Last Days. The unprecedented economic woes are not isolated to a few unfortunate nations. They can be found all aver the globe. What is now happening in the United States, Great Britain, France, and Germany is symptomatic of a disease whose cure could very well be seen as some sort of “global solution.”

Christians can take heart in the fact that once again, everything is playing out just as the Bible said it would. It is a reminder of God’s sovereignty. We are to “understand the times” and the times we live in are about to get very exciting. God is preparing us so we are not caught by surprise and will respond appropriately. More than ever, the Church needs toAlarm clock wake up. Sadly, most Churches in America are preoccupied with helping their members deal with a myriad of sins and addictions instead of preparing for the coming of our Lord. Satan has done a masterful job of removing Christians from the battlefield through a preoccupation with “personal issues.” I honestly believe that a healthy understanding and anticipation of the imminent return of Christ would go a long way towards solving our personal problems and making the Church the most powerful voice of reason in a world that is going mad.

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