This special edition is a result of some strange disappearances of several of my recent posts. This is being reposted in case you missed it during all the recent attempts to block my website.


Since beginning this blog in June of 2009, I have been faithful to keep the posting schedule I have set for myself, missing only abig brother few times when I have been out of the country. Many of you have expected and received regular posts for some time. Recently, however, you may have noticed that some of my normal post days came and went without a post. Those “postless” days are the reasons for this special edition. The truth is that I wrote and posted articles as always on those dates. for some reason, these posts mysteriously disappeared. None of my IT consultants can explain it. The articles seem to have been erased, deleted, scrubbed, or whatever term you may choose. While I can’t prove it (yet), I suspect that someone with a lot of power is not only monitoring my site, but removing what it deems to be too politically incorrect. I have detected a pattern to the deletion process. Most of the removed posts contain information that is very incrimination against the Obama administration and the agenda of radical Muslims (including the Muslim Brotherhood).

Not all the missing posts follow this pattern, suggesting that perhaps there is another answer. I hope there is, but just in case, I’m going to use the back door approach to make sure you get a chance to read them all. In addition to my blog, I also post an email newsletter that contains the same information. These are much harder to control by “outside forces.” Below are the names (with links) of the Newsletters that correspond to the missing blog posts.


April 23  Camping Obama Style

April 30  One more reason to be outraged

May 4: Toward the New World Order Part 1

April 25 Did You Know?

June 15 Saturday World News Report

June 29 Saturday World News Report

April 11  Dreams and Visions

April 16  Israel Leads the World

April 18 Prayerlessness- a Sin?



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