There are reasons why so many Muslims act the way they do.


Among the supposed attribute of Allah are omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. He isslave of Allah all-knowing, everywhere at once, and all-powerful. He is seen as the supreme being who controls everything and who is always working. In fact, in Islam, everything that happens on earth is the result of Allah working. People are passive. Only Allah is active. He is also seen as impersonal, not especially concerned about the daily lives of his followers. His only concern is that they obey his every command. Whereas Christians are considered as children of God, Muslims are considered as slaves of Allah .What he says, they must do, and the last thing they should expect from Allah is love.

According to sura 4:78 of the Qur’an, Allah is responsible for both good and evil. He is the one who causes evil to exist. Therefore, Muslims can earn favor with Allah by being evil. According to 4:119, when people sin, it is because Allah has led them astray. Stop and let that sink in. Allah leads his own followers astray! Consequently, Allah condemns people for doing evil things which Allah caused them to do. This fits with sura 3:54 of the Qur’an which states that Allah is the greatest of all deceivers (schemers, plotters) -intentional deception (sounds like Satan). Allah sets ambushes for his own followers, and then condemns them for falling into his trap. How can hope exist in such a fatalistic system?


jihadIt’s easy to understand Muslims’ belief that “the road to heaven is as thin as a hair.” There is only one way to guarantee entrance into paradise and that is to die as a martyr in jihad for Allah (3:169). If you die in the process of wiping infidels (non-Muslims) off the face of the earth, you are promised honor, rewards, and no judgment. With no other guarantees, many choose this route. In Islam, a mother’s greatest act of love for her children is to guarantee them salvation by sending them out on a suicide bombing mission.

Obama has tried several times to cover this nasty little face of Islam by proclaiming that no religion condones violence against innocent people. What he doesn’t reveal is that In Islam, only a Muslim is considered innocent. Muslims quote 5:32 to prove that Islam is a religion of peace, but the following verse commands that anyone waging war against Allah must be killed. “Wage war” includes oppose or disbelieve. Therefore, anyone who disbelieves must be executed.

ISIS is a perfect example of this. Muslims believe that Allah once controlled the whole world. ISIS isISIS tank regaining territory that they believe once belonged to Allah. The ultimate goal is to regain the entire world for Allah. They are very willing to die in the process because of the rewards that await them. This makes them even more vicious. This is why every nation should be concerned about the advance of ISIS. Here in America, they are very much our problem, and the longer we wait to confront them, the more difficult it will be to defeat them.



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