ismSome researchers believe that because of immigration and large average Muslim family size, Europe is only a few decades away from becoming one large Islamic state. Meanwhile, America is leaving the back door open and is rolling out the red carpet at the front door, welcoming Muslims into our schools, our military, and our government. America’s love affair with tolerance and diversity has left her unable to think clearly, to recognize the enemy, and to take appropriate action. Americans desperately need to understand and respond to the Islamic threat before us. This book offers recommendations to get us back on course and to restore America to the greatness we once enjoyed.

Islam and the Last Days takes you inside the mind of a Muslim, helping you to understand why he thinks the way he does. The book explains the basics of Islam, including how it came about, how it spread, and how it plans to dominate the world. Through the testimonies and insights of several ex-Muslims, one, a former terrorist, it exposes Islam’s dirty little secrets, revealing why negotiating with Muslim leaders will only end in disaster. It also clearly shows the stark differences between the God of Islam and the God of the Bible, proving that Islam and Christianity are not, as some claim, merely two paths to the same destination.

The prophetic section of the book presents four possibilities regarding the role Islam will play in the Bible’s end times prophecies. Your end times views will be challenged as you explore possibilities you probably have never considered. Finally, you will be challenged to love the Muslims the Lord brings across your path. Islam is a works-based religion offering no assurance whatsoever that you have ever done enough, unless, of course, you’re willing to sacrifice yourself while taking out as many “infidels” as possible. This alone will grant Muslims a secure place in Paradise. Most Muslims have never experienced the mercy and grace of the Bible. These are foreign concepts to them. Islam and the Last Days will show you how you can set the Muslim in your life free from the bondage and hopelessness that have imprisoned him all his life while preparing you to defend yourself against the coming jihad.