My small group is currently studying our third Ed Rodgers book. We were looking for studies that could translate today’s events through a biblical lens. We gleaned so much from Foretold that we wanted more. We moved on to Islam & the Last Days and were astounded by how much we had progressed in our understanding of what the Bible had to say about the recent changes that have reshaped our world.  Most previous studies had just grazed the surface of understanding, but these two books took each of us much deeper. We are currently studying Not I But Christ and are seeing our Christianity differently. We highly recommend these books for group discussion.

Shayne Mader, Indian Trail, NC


Overflowing with wisdom gleaned from a life of obedience to Christ and dependence on His word, Ed Rodgers encourages the reader toward our ever present and all sufficient God. Daily Reflections is the most giving gift that I can think of. The Lord has worked through these pages and the real gift continues to unfold as it is read daily. This book is a beautiful example of the father’s heart for each of us – a devotional gem.

Amee Patrick, Nye, Montana

Amee Patrick, Nye, Montana

Ed is more than a friend, a brother in Christ and a mentor who means the world to me.

Sandra Heidel, Durham, NC

NOT I BUT CHRIST (Book Review)

There are not many “must read” books that belong in the hands of everyone we love – but this is one. Not I But Christ is possibly the most transformational book I have read. It is compelling in its simplicity but profound in its grasp in which our life is replaced with Jesus’ life. We are not a renovation project, or a partial transformation but a demolition project of the grandest kind. The old, fully replaced, with the fullness of Jesus. Praise God for this great truth spoken clearly for our benefit.

Amee Patrick, Nye, Montana

I moved my family to South Carolina 6 years ago. God knew what He was doing, settling us in the Bluffton, Hilton Head area. I met Ed Rodgers and his lovely wife Dee at church, and we became an instant family. I have read several of Ed’s books, “Not I but Christ”, “Dragon Slayers”  “Now We’re Talking”, just to name a few. I think the one that has had the greatest impact has been “Daily Reflections.” It’s a 365-day devotional that I have read for a couple of years now and continue to read every morning with my children.

Ed is one of the Godliest men I know always challenging those around him to figure out and become the man or woman God created us to be, truly a light in the darkness. Ed also puts out a twice weekly newsletter on Facebook I highly recommend, it gives great insight on Israel, her enemies, and so many other relevant topics going on around the planet. The man, author, friend, blogger Ed Rodgers has been and continues to be a great Godly influence in my life, and the lives of my family. I pray everyone has the opportunity to experience the wisdom and insight Ed shares through his books, blogs and newsletter’s (or blogposts). He is truly a man on fire for God. Our community, our state, and our nation desperately need more Godly men like my friend Ed Rodgers.

Paul Burroughs, Bluffton, SC

“Ed is a great writer who has the ability to distill complex biblical truth to its essence and then express it in words that we can apply to our daily lives.”

Bill Brown, Bluffton, SC

Living in this fast-paced high-tech age of ever so much information, it is often difficult to sort out what is true from all that is available to hear and observe. If you feel the stress of trying to find what is true and right, I hope that you too will discover one of the best sources that I have ever known to bring a godly perspective to so many of the things that impact us and our loved ones today and into eternity. My friend and mentor, author and public speaker, Ed Rodgers is one of the most thought-provoking, God-fearing commentators you would ever want to follow. He has a knack for simplifying information so that we can use it for the betterment of all people, and more importantly for the glory of God.

Phillip N. Grubb, Beaufort, SC

It is a supreme honor to write about a very unique Christian and author that I’ve known for many years.  Ed Rodgers has been so creative in all that he has been able to do in researching, portraying and publishing what he has written about.  He has mastered a way to continue to draw us readers into a greater understanding of the pure Bible Prophecy as God would want us to receive it.  I have been moved to recommend his writings on these subjects to a group of personal believers, as well as a few who needed to be uplifted to become believers. Ed continues to amaze me with each new edition as he has a way of refreshing his audience with the depth of his knowledge for these troubling times.

J. Perry Haupt, Missionary, Bellwood, PA

I have found Ed’s Newsletter to be extremely helpful in understanding world news from a biblical perspective. He uses a variety of sources for his readers to consider. He has a deep burden for his readers to be made aware of the dangers of the culture’s agenda. He is an excellent researcher and has a deep understanding of the Scriptures. His clarity enables the reader to understand not only familiar passages come to life, but also the more difficult passages. His book “Not I But Christ” is a good example of this. He takes a little understood concept and leads the reader through the difficulties and misunderstandings into clarity. I greatly look forward to reading his latest newsletters and books.

Kip Dixon, Westerville, Ohio

My thought for today is this: be determined to pass God’s testing in your life. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Don’t get so caught up in your worrying and fears that you fail to experience God’s hand leading you through your valley. Take time to think back on all the ways God has already revealed Himself to you. If you don’t trust Him, you really don’t know Him, and if you don’t know Him, you can’t love Him. Don’t wander for 40 years in your own personal wilderness because you don’t trust Him. The stakes are too high,andthe rewards are too great. Don’t miss out on what God has for you. Take some time to meditate on today’s verse.

Paulette Duncan, Flint, Texas