1370. News + Anticipating the Third Temple

Weekly news + developments that may facilitate the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem Continue reading

1304. News + Major Middle-East Developments

Weekly news + Middle-East developments with Last Days significance Continue reading

1228. Weekly News + Can a Devout Muslim be a Good American?

This week’s news + a look at what America offers and what Muslims can accept Continue reading

1190. Weekly News + American Mosques More Dangerous than We Thought

Don’t let the political theater over impeachment distract you from the growing danger in our midst. Continue reading

853. Election News and More

Election News and More from Around the World Continue reading

312. More Mid-East Mosques Restored with U.S. Taxpayer Dollars

More Middle East Mosques Restored with U.S. Taxpayer Dollars Continue reading

147. Mosques Aid Egypt’s Uprising

This edition examines Israel’s welcoming of Ethiopian Jews, Secretary Clinton’s latest snub of Israel and more. Continue reading

136. The Mosque as a Terrorist Training Center

This issue looks at the mosque as a terrorist training center. Continue reading

91. The Islamic-Catholic Connection: Mary

What do Muslims and Catholics have in common? At the top of the list is Mary. Continue reading