1324. News + The State of America

Weekly news + how Islamic goals plus America’s decline spells disaster Continue reading

1190. Weekly News + American Mosques More Dangerous than We Thought

Don’t let the political theater over impeachment distract you from the growing danger in our midst. Continue reading

1070. The Engine of Shariah: The Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood’s role in the spread of Shariah

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1066. Shariah: Where We Stand

How are we doing in combating the establishment of Shariah in America? Continue reading

1052. Shariah: A Very Real Threat


Shariah: A reincarnation of détente from the 70s? Continue reading

971. The Purpose of Jihad

A followup article to my previous post, The Real Jihad Continue reading

965. The Real Jihad

Does jihad really mean an inner struggle to please Allah? Not according to Islamic scholars. Continue reading

962. Weekly News + A New Level of Hate

This week’s news plus a challenge to counter the increasing hatred in our world Continue reading

903. If Muslims Had Their Way

Learn how Muslims have historically “tolerated” other religions. Continue reading

315. Will We Ever Learn?

Will we ever learn? Continue reading