1334. News + Censorship to Oneness

God will use the censorship of Christians  to bring about the oneness Jesus prayed for in John 17. Continue reading

1306. News + Tough Love

Weekly news + Christ’s tough love for His Church in America in 2020 and beyond Continue reading

1292. News + ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT Part 6

Weekly news + specific steps we can take to prepare for the coming persecution Continue reading

1222. Weekly News + Whose Body are you Building Up?

This week’s news + a spiritual version of body building Continue reading

985. As Living Stones

Followers of Jesus are part of a community, not just individuals. Continue reading

975. Suffering as a Body

Do we feel the pain of our suffering Christian brothers and sisters around the world? If not, why not? Continue reading

956. Weekly News + Not by Might

This week’s news plus an explanation for our powerless churches Continue reading

952. Weekly News + Living in Community

Weekly News plus the danger of Christian Individuality Continue reading

854. The Fellowship of His Suffering

The meaning of the fellowship of Christ’s suffering can be seen in Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. Continue reading

836. Praying “We” Prayers

What do “we” prayers have to do with unity? Continue reading