1203. Christianity and Islam: Nothing in Common

Countering the Notion that Christianity and Islam have a Lot in Common Continue reading

1193. The Indoctrination of America’s Children

What the previous Department of Education did to our nation’s children should make you furious. Continue reading

1192. Weekly News + We are at War

Our enemies within and without are at war with us. It’s time to enter the battle. Continue reading

983. Islam’s Trick or Treat

It’s interesting how similar Islam is to Trick or Treat. This Halloween, don’t go to the house of Islam Continue reading

1187. Why the Left Loves Islam

What kind of thinking results in a love affair with your nation’s enemy?    Continue reading

1074. The Deception of Jihad

Proponents of Shariah are deceiving America regarding the true nature of Jihad. Don’t be fooled. Continue reading

1070. The Engine of Shariah: The Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood’s role in the spread of Shariah

Continue reading

971. The Purpose of Jihad

A followup article to my previous post, The Real Jihad Continue reading

844. Muslim “Bridge Building” Charade Continues

Muslim overtures of “bridge-building” and “inter-faith dialog” aren’t at all as they appear. Continue reading