1349. The Seventh Beast Empire

We may very well be living in the days when the seventh beast empire described in Revelation 17 is alive and fulfilling biblical prophecy. Continue reading

1150. Another Reason Why Jerusalem is Important

The importance of Jerusalem is tied to one of God’s compound names.


Since Islam’s holiest site is in Mecca, why does all the action today seem to take place in Jerusalem, a city not even mentioned in the Qur’an? Why is Jerusalem, and more specifically, the Temple Mount, so important that it has become a powder keg ready to explode? Why do Muslims even care? Continue reading

994. Weekly News + “A Bold & Courageous Move”

This week’s news  plus my commentary on President Trump’s historic announcement Continue reading

135. Nations Unite against Islam’s Advance

This edition examines the latest threats to Israel, new Israeli oil and gas discoveries, and bold resistance to the Muslim advance. Continue reading

50. More Nukes in Middle East

Obama’s role in Palestinian plans for Jerusalem, his recent whitewashing of Islam’s plans, the growing number of nuke-seeking Arab and Muslim nations, and more Continue reading

47. Healthcare Reform?

Israel’s response to Obama’s demands regarding apartment construction in Israel and reasons why so many people are against the recently passed Healthcare Bill. Continue reading

45. Trouble Brewing at Temple Mount

This issue looks at the recent Hamas-backed confrontation at Jerusalem’s Western Wall and more. Continue reading

44. Amazing First Temple Discovery

This issue reports on a Hamas leader’s son’s conversion to Christianity, an amazing First Temple archaeological find, more. Continue reading

28. Fort Hood: Emotional Stress?

This issue examines the Fort Hood shooting, America’s participation in Israel’s demise, Hizbullah’s illegal arms buildup, Human Rights Watch’s Nazi ties, and offers help in correctly writing fractions. Continue reading

27. UN may criminalize the gospel

This issue exposes the UN’s latest anti-Semitic proclamation and its efforts to criminalize spreading the gospel, revisits the 1983 Marine base bombing in Beirut, explains why war with Iran may be close, and revisits a writing tip for using objective pronouns properly. Continue reading