1344. News + Stakeholder Capitalism

Weekly news + a look at how the World Economic Forum’s global reset is advancing Continue reading

1242. News + Pergamum–The Rise of the Papacy

This week’s news + what Christ’s letter to the church at Pergamum (Rev. 2) reveals about the state of the church today Continue reading

1240. Weekly News + The Suffering Smyrna Church

A second look at what God may be saying to churches today through the current pandemic Continue reading

1236. News + Coronavirus Part 2 – How Should We Respond?

This week’s news + finding meaning in our worldwide crisis. Continue reading

1234. Weekly News + Coronavirus: What is God up to?

This week’s news +  the first in a series investigating God’s possible reasons for the Coronavirus Continue reading

1228. Weekly News + Can a Devout Muslim be a Good American?

This week’s news + a look at what America offers and what Muslims can accept Continue reading

1222. Weekly News + The Norma Findlay Story

This week’s news + a lighthearted diversion from all the bad news Continue reading

1216. Weekly News + Keep Watching & Praying

This week’s news plus staying alert to how God shows us to pray Continue reading

1214. Weekly News + Hang in There

This week’s news + hope in the midst of difficult times Continue reading

970. Weekly News + The Christian Response

This week’s news plus The Christian Response to the Devastation from Two Major Hurricanes Continue reading