While everything going on in our world seems like random stuff, it’s far from random. Everything is interconnected. Learning how will help you see the bigger picture and enable you to understand what’s really going on in our world.


To help you navigate through the challenging days ahead, I provide answers to the questions people are (or should be) asking:

  • In plain and simple terms, what does it mean to be saved, born again, and a child of God? Find out.
  • What is the difference between the “Last Days” and the “Day of the Lord”? Find out.
  • If we are close to a one world government, how will I be affected and how should I respond to what is happening today? Find out.
  • What do I need to know about the Islam-Catholic connection and how it will change the world in the near future? Find out.
  • What are the Covid mandates really all about? Find out.
  • Since Israel is the focus of most Middle-East tensions, is there any truth to the Palestinian claims of Israeli occupation? Find out.
  • What is the social justice movement really all about? Find out.
  • What makes Jerusalem so important that it continues to be the focus of so much controversy? Find out.
  • Why has the Church been so ineffective in changing the culture in America? Find out.

I deal with these and other thought-provoking questions in my blogs and newsletters. Some focus on current events. Some come from my books, my ongoing research, or the testimony of history. Others come from believers around the world, especially those in the Middle East. They offer inside information you are not likely to hear on the evening news.

Few, if any, current events are truly isolated. I connect the dots and reveal the big picture. I also try to present a “heavenly” perspective regarding what’s happening in our world so we can focus on the right things and not be overcome by all the bad news.

If you would like to get directly involved with ongoing projects to help needy or struggling Jewish believers in Israel, please contact Christian Friends of Israel at www.cfijerusalem.org. I am working with them to show God’s love to the Jewish people through Christians’ prayers and actions.


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The Mission

My mission is to help my readers progress from surviving to thriving in the midst of all the life-changing challenges that have recently been thrust upon us. I show how everything in our “new normal” fits into biblical prophecy and how you can find hope and joy in the midst of the chaos. I present the big picture so you can see beyond the news to the powers, both earthly and heavenly, that are behind everything we are experiencing and how you should respond.

In a culture that lacks discernment, I do my best to provide truth to offset the lies that have taken so many people captive. As I discuss current events, politics, and Christianity, I show how it’s all connected and under the sovereign rule of a God who uses everything to accomplish His perfect plan for our world and each one of us. In my books, newsletters, blog posts and speaking engagements, I give special attention to the roles Israel, Islam, and America play in bringing to fulfillment God’s plan for these Last Days.

“Ed Rodgers Is A Christian Visionary Who Shows You How It’s All Connected”

Recent Blog Posts

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Reviews And Testimonials

NOT I BUT CHRIST (Book Review)

There are not many “must read” books that belong in the hands of everyone we love – but this is one. Not I But Christ is possibly the most transformational book I have read. It is compelling in its simplicity but profound in its grasp in which our life is replaced with Jesus’ life. We are not a renovation project, or a partial transformation but a demolition project of the grandest kind. The old, fully replaced, with the fullness of Jesus. Praise God for this great truth spoken clearly for our benefit. 

-Amee Patrick

Nye, Montana

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My small group is currently studying our third Ed Rodgers book. We were looking for studies that could translate today’s events through a biblical lens. We gleaned so much from Foretold that we wanted more. We moved on to Islam & the Last Days and were astounded by how much we had progressed in our understanding of what the Bible had to say about the recent changes that have reshaped our world. Most previous studies had just grazed the surface of understanding, but these two books took each of us much deeper. We are currently studying Not I But Christ and are seeing our Christianity differently. We highly recommend these books for group discussion.

Shayne Mader,

Indian Trail, NC


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I moved my family to South Carolina 6 years ago. God knew what He was doing, settling us in the Bluffton, Hilton Head area. I met Ed Rodgers and his lovely wife Dee at church, and we became an instant family. I have read several of Ed’s books, “Not I but Christ”, “Dragon Slayers” “Now We’re Talking”, just to name a few. I think the one that has had the greatest impact has been “Daily Reflections.” It’s a 365-day devotional that I have read for a couple of years now and continue to read every morning with my children.

Ed is one of the Godliest men I know always challenging those around him to figure out and become the man or woman God created us to be, truly a light in the darkness. Ed also puts out a twice weekly newsletter on Facebook I highly recommend, it gives great insight on Israel, her enemies, and so many other relevant topics going on around the planet. The man, author, friend, blogger Ed Rodgers has been and continues to be a great Godly influence in my life, and the lives of my family. I pray everyone has the opportunity to experience the wisdom and insight Ed shares through his books, blogs and newsletter’s (or blogposts). He is truly a man on fire for God. Our community, our state, and our nation desperately need more Godly men like my friend Ed Rodgers.

Paul Burroughs, Bluffton, SC

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I have been interested in prophecy since I was in my 20s when a fellow teacher gave me a copy of Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth. The more I studied prophecy, which was so interesting to me, the more convinced I became that the Bible is truly a supernatural book. And in my 30s, another friend introduced me to conservative politics. Heretofore, I had never even voted. I have maintained my
interest in both of those subjects for all of my life, and I am now in my 70’s.

I really appreciate Ed Rodgers’ newsletters because it keeps me updated on current events regarding politics on a national level as well as on international news stories. Most importantly, it is from a Christian perspective. Because his newsletter is bi-weekly, both of the newsletters always contain a spiritual message as well.  I have taught a small weekly Bible study for six years, and I refer to Ed’s newsletter to keep my group updated on any item that I feel is relevant to what we are studying and to what might be of interest to them. My Bible studyparticipants are especially interested in prophecy and how Islam & Israel are both fitting into End Time events; and Ed has an expertise in these areas. I alsoappreciate his courage in the items that he posts, as some are not politicallycorrect according to MSM.

Paulette Duncan

Flint, Texas

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