1425. What Will Happen to our Churches?

When persecution comes, our gathering together will change, but how? Continue reading

1418. Walls of Your Past + News

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1409 Kiss Freedom Good-Bye

The Covid-19 Mandates are only the first step toward a police state. Continue reading

1403. Look Mom! No Hands!

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1400. News + The Future of America’s Churches

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1352. News + Re-imagine That

Weekly news + the corrupted science of scientific socialism Continue reading

1353. A Christian Sabbath?

Is the Lord’s day a special or sacred day? Is it the Christian’s Sabbath? Continue reading

1346. News + Made in China

News that affects you + Coming to America: China’s Social Reputation Score Continue reading

1324. News + The State of America

Weekly news + how Islamic goals plus America’s decline spells disaster Continue reading

1318. News + Spiritual Preppers

Weekly news + the biblical way to prepare ourselves for the coming persecution of Christians and Conservatives Continue reading