Speaking Topics

  1. The Israeli ConnectionAn overview of the “Israel–Church” relationship highlighting the biblical connections, how the two are different with different futures, and the causes of divisions between the two.The Significance of Jerusalem

    A look at why Jerusalem is important to God and why it is the epicenter of all the action now and will be even more in the future.

    Raised to Newness of Life

    There’s a lot more to salvation than most Christians realize. Having our sins forgiven is just the beginning—a doorway to world of incredible spiritual riches—a world Paul encouraged his readers to embrace—a world in which we share in Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.

    What Every American Needs to Know about Islam

    Islam is all about deception, but the scarcity of discernment in our nation (and in too many of our churches) has left us extremely vulnerable. Learn what Muslims believe and how they plan to dominate the world through “Civilization Jihad.”

    The Catholic-Islam Connection

    How I believe Roman Catholicism (led by Pope Frances) will lay the foundation for the One-World Religion of Revelation 17 through a union with Islam. This amalgamation will welcome and incorporate every man-made religion into a new unified world religion that will usher in the Antichrist.

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