1324. News + The State of America

Weekly news + how Islamic goals plus America’s decline spells disaster Continue reading

1190. Weekly News + American Mosques More Dangerous than We Thought

Don’t let the political theater over impeachment distract you from the growing danger in our midst. Continue reading


According to Shariah, is jihad an inner struggle or holy war? Continue reading

1074. The Deception of Jihad

Proponents of Shariah are deceiving America regarding the true nature of Jihad. Don’t be fooled. Continue reading

903. If Muslims Had Their Way

Learn how Muslims have historically “tolerated” other religions. Continue reading

315. Will We Ever Learn?

Will we ever learn? Continue reading

300. Shariah in America?

Shariah in America? Continue reading

136. The Mosque as a Terrorist Training Center

This issue looks at the mosque as a terrorist training center. Continue reading

21. Fatah, Iran and Saudi Arabia

This issue looks at Fatah’s true character, Iran’s new Defense Minister, Saudi Arabia’s attempts to reduce terrorism, and offers a writing tip to help avoid a common writing and speaking mistake. Since I will be out of the country for 2-1/2 weeks, the next edition will not be posted until the week of September 20th. I’d appreciate your prayers as I help lead two pastor training conferences in the Philippines. Continue reading