1203. Christianity and Islam: Nothing in Common

Countering the Notion that Christianity and Islam have a Lot in Common Continue reading

996. Weekly News + a Last Days Question

This week’s news plus a discussion of the role of Trump’s embassy announcement in biblical prophecy Continue reading

986. Weekly News + “Unlimited Power”

This week’s news + our call to walk in victory in the midst of the madness around us Continue reading

984 Weekly News + “What Will It Take?”

This week’s news + What will it take for America to wake up to the very real threat of Islam or are we too far gone? Continue reading

978. Weekly News + Ideas have Consequences

This week’s news plus the danger of taking matters into our own hands Continue reading

976. Weekly News + Maintaining a Pure Heart

This week’s news plus a look at what to do when we we are offended by the actions or words of others Continue reading

964. Weekly News + Confronting Evil

This week’s news plus the church’s failure in combating evil Continue reading

962. Weekly News + A New Level of Hate

This week’s news plus a challenge to counter the increasing hatred in our world Continue reading

960. Weekly News + Letting Jesus Pray

This week’s news plus learning to let Jesus pray to the Father through us Continue reading

948. Weekly News + Seeing the World thru God’s Eyes

This week’s news plus gaining God’s perspective on world events and the crises in our personal lives Continue reading