1421. Following Paul’s Example – Part 2

Paul’s example shows how Christ will take us back to the basics in the coming difficult days. Continue reading

1419. Following Paul’s Example PART 1

Paul’s example should guide Christians to fulfill their calling in 2022. Continue reading

1410. News + Why Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

Weekly news + Columbus’s motivation that the Cancel Culture wants to keep hidden Continue reading

1406. News + The American Tower of Babel

Weekly news + how the Cancel Culture has become the American Tower of Babel Continue reading

1404. News + America’s First Settlements

Weekly news + the culture of our first settlements that is being canceled Continue reading


Tapping into “all power and authority” in our discipleship Continue reading


Disciple-making starts with sharing the gospel and a current testimony. Continue reading

1336. News + Giants in the Land

Weekly news + The American Church has created its own giants, and the giants are winning. Continue reading

1319. NOT I BUT CHRIST Part 3

Join in Paul’s discovery of just what was that “new creation” he had become. Continue reading

1315. Not I But Christ

With all the resources available today, why aren’t we setting our world on fire with the gospel? Continue reading