317. Execution of Pastor Youcef Ordered

This issue looks at Canada’s unwavering support for Israel, the execution order for Pastor Youcef in Iran, and more. Continue reading

315. Will We Ever Learn?

Will we ever learn? Continue reading

304. Obama’s Continued Islamic Leanings

Obama’s Continued Islamic Leanings Continue reading

301. It’s All Israel’s Fault

It’s All Israel’s Fault Continue reading

148. Dhimmitude and Healthcare

This issue looks at Dhimmitude and the Healthcare Law. Continue reading

133. Should We Send Aid to Muslim Nations?

This issue looks at the issue of giving aid to Muslim countries. Continue reading

49. Beheading Planned by Saudis

Israel’s resistance to U.S. demands regarding construction in Jerusalem, Saudi Arabia’s plans (according to Shariah Law) to behead a man charged with sorcery. Continue reading

45. Trouble Brewing at Temple Mount

This issue looks at the recent Hamas-backed confrontation at Jerusalem’s Western Wall and more. Continue reading

30. Diversity trumps American lives

This issue looks at Obama’s Jewish American support, his plans for a Palestinian state, analyzes the Fort Hood shooting and the decision to try 9-11 terrorists in Federal Court, and gives a writing tip to tighten up your sentences. Continue reading

29. Obama admits he’s a Muslim

This issue looks at Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to the General Assembly of Jewish Federations of North America, reexamines the Fort Hood shooting, uncovers Obama’s admission of his Muslim faith and his plans to undermine America’s sovereignty, and offers a writing tip to avoid sending the wrong message. Continue reading