1421. Following Paul’s Example – Part 2

Paul’s example shows how Christ will take us back to the basics in the coming difficult days. Continue reading

1419. Following Paul’s Example PART 1

Paul’s example should guide Christians to fulfill their calling in 2022. Continue reading

1418. Walls of Your Past + News

How to prevent your past from controlling your future + weekly news Continue reading

1417. The Shadows of Catholicism

Roman Catholicism offers an array of the shadows discussed in Colossians 2:17. Continue reading

1416. News + Christmas: Saved by His Life

Weekly news + We know how we are saved by Jesus’ death, but how does Christmas show how we are saved by His Life? Continue reading

1415. A Christmas Message: Stay Out of the Shadows

Don’t let your Christmas celebration be a mere shadow of the real thing: Christ Himself. Continue reading

1414. News + The Myth of Successful Service

Weekly news+ the problem with being used by God Continue reading

1413. Combatting Gender Confusion

Scripture has a lot to say about the sexes, and it’s not complicated. Continue reading

1412. News + How Quickly Things Change

Weekly news + Hope in the midst of a rap[idly changing world Continue reading

1405. The Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge

We’re probably looking in¬† all the wrong places to find wisdom and knowledge. Continue reading