1397. Let the River Flow

Rivers of living water will flow through Jesus’ followers if we don’t dam them up with our own “usefulness.” Continue reading

1396. News + The Sufficiency of Scripture

Weekly news + why the Bible is sufficient to find a cure for racism Continue reading

1395. How Quickly Things Change

Things can quickly change when sin goes unchecked. Continue reading

1394. News + The Antidote to Wokeness

Weekly news + Christ’s role in combatting racism and wokeness Continue reading

1393. Be Imitators of God

God has given His children all we need to imitate Him. Continue reading

1392. News + The New Priesthood of Antiracism

Weekly news + the priests of the social justice “religion” Continue reading

1391. The Ant and the Grasshopper

An updated version of an old story Continue reading

1390. News + Antiracist Activism: The New Law

Weekly news + why it’s not enough to be against racism Continue reading

1389. Be Careful How You Build

Unless we build on the right foundation, our efforts will be in vain. Continue reading

1388. News + Racism- the New Original Sin

Weekly news + the Social Justice perversion of Sin Continue reading