1425. What Will Happen to our Churches?

When persecution comes, our gathering together will change, but how? Continue reading

1424. We are at War + News

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1423. Finishing Well

In these last of the last days, how can we joyfully fulfill our calling? Continue reading

1422. There’s a Storm Coming + News

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1421. Following Paul’s Example – Part 2

Paul’s example shows how Christ will take us back to the basics in the coming difficult days. Continue reading

1420. Fearlessly Bold + News

Christians have every reason to be fearlessly bold in the face of all that’s coming our way + News Continue reading

1419. Following Paul’s Example PART 1

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1418. Walls of Your Past + News

How to prevent your past from controlling your future + weekly news Continue reading

1417. The Shadows of Catholicism

Roman Catholicism offers an array of the shadows discussed in Colossians 2:17. Continue reading

1416. News + Christmas: Saved by His Life

Weekly news + We know how we are saved by Jesus’ death, but how does Christmas show how we are saved by His Life? Continue reading