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God Pours Out His Spirit On Israel

The insight God gave me at that time allowed me to see into the distant future. It was as though the final events of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble were being acted out before me in my mind—events to be foretold by the prophet Zechariah not long after my death. I watched as the nations of the world were coming against Israel. My people were boxed in with their backs to the wall, crying out to their God. If ever they needed their Messiah it was at this moment. If He didn’t come now, they would be annihilated. Did God hear their cry? You better believe He did. This was the moment when His splendor and majesty would be displayed as never before. This was the culmination of the entire history of my beloved Israel. This was the fulfillment of all our hopes for the One Who was to come to save us.

Out of heaven came Yeshua—the Messiah—the Son of God in all His glory and majesty, bearing the wounds of crucifixion on his resurrected body. His eyes were flames of fire as He sat atop His magnificent white horse. As my people stared in stunned amazement, His identity was certain—the One they had rejected—the One the Scriptures foretold. God, true to His nature, was pouring out on His people the Spirit of grace and of supplication, giving them the ability to see who their beloved and passionately sought-after Messiah really is. The memory of all the years of rejecting Yeshua was breaking their hearts as God was removing their blindness and hardness of heart. The truth was now before them.

Once again they were crying out, this time addressing the One they had rejected. They were repenting and asking for forgiveness.1I could hardly believe what I was witnessing. The event biblical history and prophecy had been pointing to had arrived. From my perspective, all of the events Iwitnessed were yet to be, but the future I saw would truly come to pass. I was given a glimpse, a prophetic glimpse of things to come just has they would unfold. I wiped my tear-filled eyes with my sleeve and tried to process what I had just seen.

1 See Zechariah 12:10-14.

After all the years of rejecting their Messiah, my people would finally recognize Him… and repent! God was doing what needed to be done. He was opening their eyes. Surely all this would be the fulfillment of “many will be purged, purified and refined.” The prophetic words in the Book of Truth will finally and completely be fulfilled.

Peace at Last?

With that thought, the imagery shifted from the end of the 70thweek to the beginning. The world was experiencing a time of relative peace. This was also true for Israel. My people were living securely in unwalled villages.2The security fences had been removed. Children were playing in the open, far from the bomb shelters. Former enemies were actually talking to one another and conducting business together. A sense of euphoria had engulfed the nation. The peace the nation had sought for oh, so long had finally arrived…or so they thought. This false sense of safety permeated the first 3-1/2 years.

Then suddenly, everything changed. The Antichrist showed his true colors. Once he set up the abomination of desolation in the Temple and demanded to be worshipped, peace and safety were nowhere to be found. Between the bloodshed he brought and the wrath of God that is poured out, the earth was becoming a living nightmare filled with planetary upheavals. Both the sun and the moon had become dark. The only light was coming from the distant stars, which were falling from the sky like thousands of meteors streaking chaotically through space to their ultimate demise. The powersof the heavens were being shaken in a frightening display of God’s wrath.

2 See Ezekiel 38:8, 11
3 See Matthew 24:29.

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble4was being made even worse by the presence of Satan and his dreadful demons on earth. They had been banished from heaven5and guess who becomes the object of their rage. Satan’s forces of evil were taking out his rage on the Jewish people just as Antiochus Epiphanes had done after his defeat and humiliation centuries earlier. I watched in horror as Satan was taking up residence in the Antichrist. He was not becoming demon-possessed. He was becoming Satan-possessed. Everything he had been holding back was now unleashed. The restraining power of the Holy Spirit was no longer there. The true children of God had been removed from the earth in the Rapture, andwith them, the indwelling Spirit. Nothing was standing in the way of Satan. He was unleashing everything he had on those remaining on the earth.

I begged God to remove the images from my mind, which He mercifully did . . . for the moment. I had seen all I could stand. It’s no wonder Gabriel said it would be a time of trouble, anguish, affliction, and distress like no other.6Neither Israel nor any other nation will have undergone the oppression and persecution they will experience once the demonic hordes are unleashed on the earth. The Satan-controlled Antichrist will become the fiercest persecutor Israel has ever faced.7As horrible as it was, the Holocaust was only a preview of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

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