962. Weekly News + A New Level of Hate

This week’s news plus a challenge to counter the increasing hatred in our world Continue reading

961. The Injustice of Islam

This article could be titled Paying the Penalty for What is Not Your Fault Continue reading

960. Weekly News + Letting Jesus Pray

This week’s news plus learning to let Jesus pray to the Father through us Continue reading

959. What Ever Happened to Repentance?

Why have we allowed a cheap substitute for repentance?  Continue reading

958. Weekly News + “When We Pray”

This week’s news plus a whimsical story with a powerful message¬† Continue reading

957. Why Do They Hate Us So Much?

Learn why so many Muslims worldwide have a hatred for America and Israel. Continue reading

956. Weekly News + Not by Might

This week’s news plus an explanation for our powerless churches Continue reading

955. Why Jews Reject Jesus

What is the most important reason why most of the world’s Jews reject Jesus as their Messiah? Continue reading

954. Weekly News + Making Disciples

This week’s news plus our greatest response to what’s happening around us Continue reading

953. Railroad Tracks

You’ll be surprised to learn what determined the spacing of railroad tracks
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