996. Weekly News + a Last Days Question

This week’s news plus a discussion of the role of Trump’s embassy announcement in biblical prophecy Continue reading

995. Riches without Righteousness

Gods of pagan religions offer lofty promises without requiring moral living. This represents most of the world’s population. Continue reading

994. Weekly News + “A Bold & Courageous Move”

This week’s news¬† plus my commentary on President Trump’s historic announcement Continue reading

993. Doing Great Things for God

How we respond in the valleys pleases God more than our mountaintop victories. Continue reading

992. Weekly News + The Latest Attack on Christmas

This week’s news + a new low from the left Continue reading

991. Peace in the Land

A story for our time…and our survival Continue reading

990. Ushering in the Mahdi

Iran’s predicative¬†actions are part of the Shiite belief that bringing about worldwide chaos (nuclear war), will usher in their Messianic figure, the Mahdi. Continue reading

989. A New Reason for Thanksgiving

Cranking up this Thanksgiving to a new level of appreciation Continue reading

988. Weekly News + “Misplaced Trust”

This week’s news plus the consequences of placing our trust in politicians Continue reading

987. The Joy of His Presence

When our time in His Word and in prayer aren’t enough… Continue reading