946. Weekly News + “Destined to Devotion”

Our devotion to Jesus must offset the world’s bad news.
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945. The Christian Jesus vs the Muslim Jesus

A brief example of how dissimilar Christianity and Islam really are Continue reading

944. Weekly News + Combating the Hatred

This week’s news¬†plus a biblical response to the increasing hatred Continue reading

941. Sprinkled with His Blood

How does being “sprinkled with Christ’s blood” affect my relationship with Him? Continue reading

942. Weekly News + Identifying the Enemy

This week’s news plus¬†some help in identifying our weaknesses where Satan usually attacks Continue reading

941. The Norwegian Firefighters

Learn the source of unprecedented bravery in the face of danger Continue reading

940. Weekly News + “How do I know it’s from God?”

This week’s news plus some help in determining if the voice you’re hearing in a noisy and violent world is from you or from God¬† Continue reading

939. Embracing God’s Silence

Learn how God’s silence can be the an expression of His love for you. Continue reading

938. Weekly News + “Kingdom Living”

This week’s news plus “Praying for the Loonies” Continue reading

937. Jesus is the Door

Jesus is the Door, so why do we look for open doors elsewhere? Continue reading