According to Shariah, is jihad an inner struggle or holy war? Continue reading

1126. Preparing for God’s Glory


For God’s glory to be displayed, we must be willing to do the necessary preparation. Continue reading

Daily Devotional Now Available

My latest book, “Daily Reflections,” isn’t your typical devotional. It will rock your spiritual world as it lifts you up and lays you low.¬† Continue reading

1124. Alaska Reflections

Check out some spectacular professional photos from Alaska Continue reading

Water-Soluble THC-Free 99.6% Pure CBD Available

Suffering from chronic pain, sleep disorders, depression? Hope is here. Continue reading

1122. On Our Way to Jerusalem

Just As Jesus made His final journey to Jerusalem, we are on our own journeys to the Holy City. What’s that all about? Continue reading

1120. Butch the Rooster

Poultry and politics have more in common than you think. Continue reading

1118. From the Mountain to the Battle

God has a purpose for our mountaintop experiences. Don’t miss yours. Continue reading

1116. What is Shariah?

Discovering the truth about shariah should frighten all non-Muslims. Continue reading

1114. Ministry Expansion

You won’t believe the people who have joined my ministry team. Continue reading