979. Borrowed and Corrupted

How Satan Corrupted God’s Word in the Qur’an Continue reading

978. Weekly News + Ideas have Consequences

This week’s news plus the danger of taking matters into our own hands Continue reading

977. Waiting on God

Our times of waiting on God can actually be the most productive times in our lives. Continue reading

976. Weekly News + Maintaining a Pure Heart

This week’s news plus a look at what to do when we we are offended by the actions or words of others Continue reading

975. Suffering as a Body

Do we feel the pain of our suffering Christian brothers and sisters around the world? If not, why not? Continue reading

974. Weekly News + The Warless Invasion

Weekly News + a Wake up Call from “across the pond” Continue reading

973. Setting the Record Straight

Food for thought for the next time you are wronged and want to set the record straight Continue reading

972. Weekly News + Finding God in our Storms

Weekly News + God’s role when disaster strikes Continue reading

971. The Purpose of Jihad

A followup article to my previous post, The Real Jihad Continue reading

970. Weekly News + The Christian Response

This week’s news plus The Christian Response to the Devastation from Two Major Hurricanes Continue reading