1024. The Peace That Passes All Understanding

 How do you stay calm when your world is falling apart? Continue reading

1022. Marital Wisdom from Kids

It’s time to lighten things up again. Continue reading

1020. Clay Servants

The biblical account of the potter and the clay is all about being a faithful servant and moldable clay. Continue reading

1018. Sharia in America-Good & Bad News

Sharia in the US: Our citizens are becoming more resistant, but the enemy is in the camp.  Continue reading

1016. Rejecting Ritualism

Has worship become empty and just going through the motions? God has a remedy. Continue reading

1014. Jesus is Pursuing Muslims

ISIS has pushed many Muslims toward Jesus, but Jesus always makes the first move. Continue reading

1012. Lord, Change Me

Content with your spiritual life? If not, the Lord is ready to answer your prayer to go deeper. Continue reading

1010. Top 20 Islamic Contradictions

Has the irrationality of Islam spread to America? Continue reading

1008. Why Wait?

Opportunities for acts of kindness are everywhere. Continue reading

1006. Why Profiling is a Necessity

A brief look back over the past few decades reveals a pattern that makes profiling a necessity. Continue reading