1076. The Great Exchange

For followers of Jesus Christ, a great exchange has already taken place, but Satan has likely kept you from realizing it. Continue reading

1074. The Deception of Jihad

Proponents of Shariah are deceiving America regarding the true nature of Jihad. Don’t be fooled. Continue reading

1072. The faith of Christ

What is the exchanged life all about? can I really live by the faith of Christ? Continue reading

1070. The Engine of Shariah: The Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood’s role in the spread of Shariah

Continue reading

1068. Set Free

Are you still seeking peace and freedom from something? Hope is here. Continue reading

1066. Shariah: Where We Stand

How are we doing in combating the establishment of Shariah in America? Continue reading

1065. Understanding HAMAS

Here are the basics of Hamas (from the Clarion Project) that every American needs to know. Continue reading

1064. Salvation God’s Way

Biblical salvation is even more wonderful than you’ve been told. Continue reading

1062. What Does “Poor in Spirit” Mean?

How can being poor in spirit be a good thing? Continue reading

1060. Shariah: Lessons Learned

Experts have studied shariah in America. Some lessons have been learned. Some, ignored. Continue reading