930. Weekly News + Deadly Ideas

This week’s news plus a discussion of the lies we have believed Continue reading

929. Escaping Our Comfort Zone

To fully experience all that God has for us, we must escape our comfort zone. Continue reading

928 Week’s News + While the World Changes

Our Changing World vs. the Consistency of God Continue reading

927. A Fishing Story

A fishing story with a powerful political message Continue reading

926. Easter & the Cup of Redemption

Learn the link between Easter and Passover and the importance of the cup of redemption. Continue reading

925. The God Who is There

This article shows how one of the names of God has special significance to both Israel and struggling followers of Jesus Christ. Continue reading

924. Week’s News + Ministers of Hope

This week’s news plus joining God as He spreads hope around the world Continue reading

923. Clarifying the Israeli Embassy Controversy

A Primer on the facts behind the Israeli Embassy Controversy: Stay in Tel Aviv or Relocate to Jerusalem? Continue reading

922. Week’s News + God’s Abundant Provisions

This week’s news plus how God provides everything we need for what He has called us to do Continue reading

921. Little John the Baptist

The brief story of a little boy, his cat, and his church

Continue reading