1164. Shariah in America–Good & Bad News

Where do we stand in keeping Shariah out of the U.S.? Continue reading

1052. Shariah: A Very Real Threat


Shariah: A reincarnation of détente from the 70s? Continue reading

1018. Sharia in America-Good & Bad News

Sharia in the US: Our citizens are becoming more resistant, but the enemy is in the camp.  Continue reading

311. 200,000 Weapons Pointed at Israeli Citizens

This issue looks at the weapons currently pointed at Israel, the U.N. Secretary General’s “welcome” by Palestinians, and more. Continue reading

300. Shariah in America?

Shariah in America? Continue reading

129. Obama Presses to Push S.T.A.R.T.

This edition looks at Shariah law and anti-Semitism in Britain, Canada’s continued support for Israel, a possible Israeli military strike against Iran, Islamic intimidation in the U.S. and Obama’s pressure to push S.T.A.R.T. Continue reading

8. Treasury Department Considers Shiriah Law

This issue tells how the Abrahamic Covenant affects current events in the Middle East, gives another reason why Jerusalem must not be divided, uncovers a movement within the U.S. Treasury Department to incorporate Shiriah Law, offers my perspective on how Christians should respond to today’s troubles, and explains the proper way to write large numbers. Continue reading