Where do we stand in keeping Shariah out of the U.S.?


Sharia in the US: Good and Bad News 

I recently came across a poll from mid-2016 that reveals some good and bad news regarding Muslims and non-Muslims in America. The data collected back then revealed that non-Muslim Americans are increasingly recognizing the threat posed by Sharia — Islam’s totalitarian religious-political “law.” Overwhelmingly, those polled reject its presence in the United States. That’s the good news.

The same poll also showed that a growing proportion of American Muslims wish to impose Sharia on America. That’s clearly the bad news.

The Opinion Savvy poll asked:

Do you believe the United States government should screen, or actively identify individuals entering the United States who support Sharia law?

Seventy-one percent said yes, supporters of Sharia should be identified before they are admitted into the US.

The group answering “yes” was then asked:

Once identified, do you believe individuals who support the practice of Sharia law should be admitted into the United States?

Eighty percent responded “No, supporters of Sharia should not be admitted into the US.”

The next question (to foreign visitors only) elicited an even more emphatic demand for fidelity to bedrock First Amendment principles. It asked:

Do you believe that the United States government should require all foreign individuals entering the United States to affirm that they will uphold the principles of the constitution, such as freedom of religion and speech, above all personal ideologies for the duration of their stay in the country?

Seventy-eight percent responded, “Yes, visitors to the US should be required to agree to uphold the constitution, regardless of their personal ideology, as a condition of their visit.”

The stark assessment of Sharia validates its broadly shared rejection by non-Muslim Americans, but also illustrates how increased U.S. Muslim Sharia support represents a dangerous trend.



For a preview of coming attractions, we need only to look at what’s been happening in Britain.

British Parliament

Several years ago, the British government approved the establishment of a national board that would rule on compliance with Islamic Finance. This means that British government had recognized and accepted a finance system that could operate concurrently with and alongside the British financial system. This gave the impression that the Brits had given their support to the idea that Muslims in the United Kingdom could live under their own rules, separate and apart from society at large.

Britain’s capitulation to Muslim lobbyists was not limited to the financial sector. Consequently, British Muslims feel entitled to live as a protected class that can live by their own rules. This is troubling enough, but those calling the shots in the British Muslim community are advocates of the most regressive form of Islamic law, Sharia. In case you weren’t aware, a basic tenet of Sharia is that Muslims cannot recognize nor should they obey a state that is not ruled by Sharia law.

Elena Kagan

To get an idea of how successful the advocates of Sharia have been here at home, consider the concern former Attorney General Jeff Session raised while he was a Senator from Alabama. He exposed the troubling relationship between Obama’s Supreme Court nominee and Sharia Law. Senator Sessions questioned Kagan’s silence when, as Dean of Harvard Law School, she did not oppose a Saudi gift of $20 million to establish an Islamic Studies center. Kagan, who ventured beyond the Law School to criticize policies of the United States military, remained silent when the regressive Saudis established a Center on campus that would be under the influence of the Sharia culture promulgated by the Saudi royal family.

And to add insult to injury, Kagan helped launch an Islamic Finance Project that advocates the United States following the British model of accepting Islamic laws of finance. In other words, Kagan, who now sits on the Supreme Court, believes that the laws that govern American society should not apply to Muslims. Here we have a living example of the Camel and the Arab story.

The fact that we have a Supreme Court Justice who is an advocate for Sharia in America should concern every American.



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if you own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can’t afford shoes, you may be a Muslim.

–Jeff Foxworthy



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