Running from our troubles isn’t God path to victory. Christ has overcome the world. Let Him show you how to overcome your troubles.


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Embracing our Troubles

In the world you will have tribulation, but take courage,
I have overcome the world
(John 16:33) 

Earth from Space

For followers of Christ, there’s trouble ahead…on many fronts. Satan’s gay agenda has permeated every nook and cranny of our culture. It is being forced on us, and one day, we will pay a heavy price for resisting it. But then again, what’s new? As today’s verse says, it’s part of the package.

The real difficulty is in our attitude toward trouble. Most of us spend our lives hoping to avoid it. The most common greeting for some people, usually men, is, “Stayin” out of trouble?” We bring this attitude with us when we become Christians, but God will go to great lengths to rid us of this “illusion.” In fact, He will bring into our lives the very thing we hope to avoid. Why would He do that? Because He has a greater agenda and His path for us must go directly through trouble and tribulation.

As today’s verse says, trouble (tribulation) comes with the world we live in. It’s part of the package. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Jesus has overcome the source of it all – the world. Let that sink in. The victory over what the world would do to us through our troubles has been won. What’s left is not the absence of trouble, but how God chooses to use it to share that victory with us, in very practical and noticeable ways.

We usually find ourselves asking God to give us strength to overcome our trials, but this is the world’s way of thinking. God’s method isn’t to give us overcoming life. He gives us life as we overcome. Our strain becomes our strength. It’s just like an athlete. The trainer (who follows the rules) doesn’t give the linebacker some magic potion to become stronger and faster. The athlete (who follows the rules) must do the work. His strain becomes his strength. Those who don’t want to take the necessary time to develop can turn to steroids as a temporary shortcut, but ultimately, it won’t end well.

In the spiritual world, however, God gives the strength immediately, just when it is needed. His resources are limitless, and He will give us everything we need when we need it. Our role is to be willing to face the trials instead of running from them. We think the peace and joy we seek come from avoiding trouble and tribulation. With this attitude, we become like an athlete who never trains and consequently, never wins. What kind of peace or joy is that?

God wants us to experience the thrill of victory over the things that have been bringing us down. He knows exactly how to bring this about and it always involved pain and trouble. He wants us to learn to experience peace, His peace, while we are in the midst of the battle, not after it’s over. This is the peace that passes all understanding, and it comes from facing our troubles, not running from them.

What trial are you going through right now? Maybe God is orchestrating things to develop a forgiving spirit toward those who are treating you unfairly. Perhaps He’s working to eliminate some sin that still lingers in you. As the saying goes, God loves us as we are, but He loves us too much to let us stay as we are. We can know that He always completes what He begins and He will use every painful situation in our lives to perfect us. Take courage. He has overcome the world.



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