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Whale Watchers Blown Away as 4 Huge Humpbacks Feast on the Fish Hiding Underneath Their Boat

Biden’s Target of Electric Power in Half of All U.S. Vehicle Sales by 2030 is a Bonanza for China

Over 800 Unaccompanied Children Crossing Border Illegally Apprehended in One Day

US House Candidate: ‘We Should Be Allowed to Shoot’ Anyone Who Doesn’t Take COVID Seriously Enough

Gantz: Iran 10 weeks away from amassing enough weapons-grade material for nuke

Oregon Governor Signs Bill Letting Students Graduate Without Proving They Can Read, Write, or Do Math

Woke Virginia School District Sends 2nd Graders Anti-Cop Video Telling Kids to Fear Police

Mexican Government Announces It Is Suing American Gun Manufacturers



Every Season has a Purpose

An Appointed Time

There is an appointed time for everything, and there is a time for every event under heaven (Eccles. 3:1). This includes God’s appointed seasons. Each has a purpose, and the timing is essential for God’s purpose to be realized. Spring is a time of new life. Summer brings growth and productivity. Fall is a time for harvesting, and winter brings dormancy and often, closure.

Seasons in our Lives

The progression of the seasons pictures life in many ways. In our springtime, we begin new endeavors and are optimistic about the future. In our summer, we work hard at all the God has given us to do. Fall brings fruition to our labors begun years earlier. Winter brings some things to an end along with pain and suffering, but the anticipation of another spring keeps us going.

Extreme Seasonal Fluctuations

This is true throughout our lives, but I believe these principles will be even more pronounced in the coming days, so we should prepare ourselves for some extreme seasonal fluctuations. The new beginnings of spring will take us into uncharted territory. We will be forced to discover new ways to do nearly everything. Having become targets, Christians will be forced into new ways of worshipping, communicating, and engaging the enemy.

During our summer we will labor to maintain and strengthen what was formed in the spring so we can carry out our marching orders. Summer will be a time of thriving, not just surviving. We will discover firsthand why the Church has always grown in proportion to the persecution it faces. Faith in Jesus will cease being an “add-on.” It will become a necessity. The Church will finally learn to operate as the Body of Christ, and frightened people will be drawn to the love Christians have for one another.

Fall will bring a harvest like the American Church has never seen. As Christ builds (and purges) His Church, it will grow in an unmistakable and unprecedented way. All the hard work of summer will produce a bountiful harvest because the Church had finally learned to fervently love one another.

Spring is Near

Eventually, the difficult days of winter bring an end to the excitement. Death seems to have taken over as successes seem to have come to an end. Faith is being challenged as never before, and things don’t look good. The enemy seems to have gained the upper hand. This is when the Church’s only hope in is the promises of God. Things looked bleak when Christ died on the cross, but new life was just around the corner. The Church will survive the winter knowing that spring is near and what a spring it will be!



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