We’re probably looking in  all the wrong places to find wisdom and knowledge.

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The forgiveness of our sins is a wonderful thing—a magnificent expression of God’s love for us, but it was and is possible only because of Christ’s death on the cross. This, however, is just the beginning. Jesus didn’t make the ultimate sacrifice for us just so our sins would no longer be held against us. His death in our place was the gateway to something even greater. It opens the door to the secrets of life and true wealth. In John 10:7 Jesus said that He was the door of the sheep. All who came through Him would find salvation. This included more than just safety. This door also led to all that belonged to Christ, the Good Shepherd.

He also said that He was the way to the Father, the Supreme God of the entire universe. He didn’t come to show us the way, or to map out the way. He was the way. So, if Jesus’ death on the cross was the gateway to something even greater than being forgiven, all those greater things must be found “in Him.” This means that when our understanding and appreciation of Jesus is confined to our forgiveness, we have missed out on the greatest giveaway in the history of mankind.

This is Us

Sadly, this characterizes many, if not most Christians today. They have fallen short of all that Christ “purchased” for them at the cross. This includes all the “much mores” Paul mentions in Romans 5. He was deeply concerned over this very thing in his day. In his letter to the Church at Colossae, he urged his readers to search out what was hidden in Christ:

For I want you to know how great a struggle I have in your behalf and for those who are at Laodicea, and for all those who have not personally 
seen my face, that their hearts may be encouraged, having been knit together in love, and that they would attain to all the wealth 
that comes from the full assurance of understanding, resulting in a true knowledge of God’s mystery, that is, Christ Himself,
in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

The Mystery

Until Christ lived and died, all these treasures that were to be found in him were a mystery, alluded to but not explained. In this letter, Paul was explaining this mystery to all his readers including us He is telling us that everything that is of true and great value is found in Christ, but these “buried treasures” can only become ours by digging deeper than most Christians are willing to dig. If we truly seek them, we will find them, but we must be willing to go deeper in our relationship with Christ.


We all want to know more about something and to have enough money, but the things and the treasures of Christ are of a different nature than what we usually desire. Compared to our worldly and fleshly cravings, Jesus’ treasures are of far greater value and offer unshakable contentment. Once we unearth our treasure chest, we soon discover our new treasures are also endless. You realize that you have tapped into an eternal supply of God’s super abundant grace.

The point is that it’s time to go deeper in our relationship with our Savior. This is where we’ll find the answers we’re seeking, not from the world or those in the world. It’s time to grow up and shed our spiritual laziness, roll up our sleeves, and get to really know the lover of our souls at a deeper level. We are going to need a deeper relationship in the coming days. A superficial relationship with Jesus isn’t going to cut it.

What Should I Do?

The first step is to recognize the truth of your current relationship. As with any relationship, your sincerity in seeking to know Jesus is reflected in how much time you spend with Him, not out of obligation, but because you want to. Do you begin your day with Him in His Word (to the degree that you are able)? Do you take notes during the sermon, so you don’t miss anything that Jesus was saying to you? Do you regularly spend time meditating on the Word? How important is Scripture memorization to you?

The next step is to go to Jesus and confess your spiritual laziness. Only then will you be ready to express your willingness to go deeper. He will let you know what changes you need to make. He has been waiting for this moment, so buckle up and get ready for the treasure hunt of your life.



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