Scripture has a lot to say about the sexes, and it’s not complicated.

I never thought I’d see the day when people weren’t sure what sex they were, but welcome to the 21st century. In this post, I am attempting to provide truth from Scripture to offset the lies that are bombarding young people today. The lies are all wrapped up in feelings, but how we feel is irrelevant. Truth is truth regardless of how we feel. Scripture, in Genesis from 1:27 to the end of chapter 3, explains the clear differences between men and women and God’s purpose for each. The different characteristics listed below reflect the meaning of the Hebrew words used in Genesis to describe man and woman. The New Testament concepts of headship and submission (described in several of Paul’s letters) flow from the basic purposes of man and woman as outlined in Genesis. I have enumerated basic “talking points” to help provide biblical truth to help those who are involved in this this divisive issue.

The Primary Similarities

1.   Both men and women are made in the image of God and are equal before Him. They are both to present God’s image through Christ who indwells them. When sin entered the picture, God cursed the serpent, the earth, the man, and the woman. The image of God has been spoiled in both sexes. Those who remain unsaved and unredeemed are still powerless to break free from the effects of the curse and will rebel against God’s intended purpose for them. This largely explains why the world is in such a mess, and especially why gender dysphoria is now common.

2.   The curse (Gen. 3:14-19) has also corrupted mankind’s authority over creation. It interfered with God’s plan for man and woman to rule over the earth together under God.

3.   They are to multiply and fill the earth, resulting in families. The curse has corrupted mankind’s mandate to be fruitful and multiply.

4.   They are meant for each other. It was not good for them to be alone. They were to be united through marriage in which the two shall become one. The curse has corrupted this union.

5.   They have joint authority over the earth.

The Primary Differences

God purposely made them different. In carrying out their unique purposes, they complement and complete each other. While the two sexes have different characteristics, they, being made in God’s image, represent characteristics of God. Therefore, together, they represent a more complete picture of God’s character than either sex does by itself. Since each sex represents only part of God’s character, they are equal. Neither sex is inferior or superior. This appears to be one reason why it was not good for man to be alone.


1.   Made from the dust of the earth.

2.   His purpose is to be a worker and a keeper. He is made to serve others. He is also to have charge, to guard, watch and protect, to save and defend. There is a good reason why boys are drawn to heroes. It’s in their spiritual DNA. The are made to engage in the rough and tumble world, not to be constantly protected.

3.   Boys grow through taking incremental responsibility, by which they gain competence and courage. This often comes from being allowed to fail. They are made to build things and achieve things.

4.   Men are generally more interested in things than in people. This affects their career choice. They are drawn to design and build things.

5.   The curse has affected man’s role as a worker. No redeemed man should feel comfortable not working. No redeemed man should feel comfortable collecting unemployment when he is able to work. As it says in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, if a man will not work, neither let him eat.

6.   The curse has also left man desiring to rule over the woman (Genesis 3:16). Man was not made to rule over a woman through brutality, abuse, subjugation, or cruelty. He was supposed to be responsible for her in service to her, seeking her highest good, never ruling over her as her authority.

7.   Man is supposed to lay it all down for those for whom he is responsible..


1.   Made from man.

2.   Her purpose is as a helper, to provide relief in times of danger, providing aid as required. (This is in no way demeaning since God uses the same word to describe himself.

3.   Another purpose is to be a mother. The Bible gives examples of godly mothers who love God and are used by God (Mary, Elizabeth, Hanna). She is to influence the world through her children.
Women are born with a desire to be mothers.

4.   Women are usually more interested in people than things. This affects their career choice. They gravitate to professions that involve people, children, aid, and support.

5.   Because of the curse, giving birth will be painful.

6.   Because of the curse the relationship between the woman and her husband has been corrupted. Her desire shall be for her husband, and he shall rule over her. This is taken from the perplexing statement in Genesis 3:16. The point is that sin wants to master women but they you must master it. The woman is not meant to be controlling, mastering, orchestrating, manipulating, having designs, subverting, or ruling by feminine craftiness in subtle and subversive ways. She wasn’t meant to “wear the pants” in the family.

The curse that resulted from sin has caused man and woman to be at odds with one another when they were to be working together as they each fulfilled their God-ordained purpose. Historically, women have been oppressed. That’s a fact. And in recent decades, masculinity has come under attack. The war against God and His purposes for man and woman have reached a point where men and women today feel that they are in a competitive battle for survival. The battle of the sexes shows how devastating the curse has been. Gender dysphoria, however, has taken it to a new level of depravity.

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