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We are at War

Today I’m not talking about Republicans vs. Democrats, the right vs. the left, or Christians vs. the globalists. All these are merely examples of the antagonism that is everywhere, and anyone who desires to live a godly life must realize this. Ever since sin entered the picture, the corruption Satan inflicted on all of creation has left us with a world that is working against us. Consequently, a life without war (conflict) is impossible, both in the natural and supernatural realms. We may think of peace as the lack of conflict, but biblical peace is a calm reassurance in spite of what is happening around us, and the sooner we realize this, the sooner the peace of God can become ours.

Everyday Battles

We fight daily to stay healthy and fit. If we do nothing, we suffer even more. In fact, everything that we encounter physically has the potential of killing us. This becomes evident when we die, for the elements that sustain us in life, bring decay and disintegration in death. In a sense, those glass half empty folks who claim that the world is out to get them are right.

Morally, we fight against temptations every day. To become people of virtue, we must overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Anything that doesn’t strengthen us morally is the enemy of our personal virtue. We must constantly fight against every temptation to drift to the dark side. Spiritually, we daily battle against the world, the flesh and Satan. The same is true in our mental lives, for we become the results of our thoughts (Proverbs 23:7).

Hope from Jesus

With all these battles raging around and within us, it’s easy to get discouraged and even despondent. Yet, Jesus provides us everything we need to conquer every enemy (John 16:33). The peace of God is possible only because Jesus purchased peace with God when He removed the barrier that had separated us from God—our sins. Now the peace of God is available to those who are completely His—those who look to Him for their peace in the midst of the warfare.

Victory in Jesus

Consider the ramifications of this simple verse regarding what Jesus did during those three days after His death on the cross:

When He (Jesus) had disarmed the rulers and authorities (demons), He made a public display of them, having triumphed over them through Him (God) (Colossians 2:15).

Jesus made it clear that He has already overcome the world and has disarmed the demonic rulers and authorities in the spiritual realm. The Apostle Paul explained that the remaining enemy, the flesh, was put out of business at the cross. This means that while our “old self” (us before salvation) still resides within our flesh, its power over us has been broken. We are no longer a slave to it.

The Solution

We are, therefore, faced with a choice every moment of every day. We can walk in the flesh, allowing our old self to rule us, or we can choose to walk in the Spirit, allowing Jesus to live His victorious life through us. If we give in to the flesh, we will be powerless to ever find victory. We will conclude that, indeed, everything in life is out to get us, and we are helpless victims.

If, however, we are willing to let our old self die with Christ on the cross, we will find that peace is, indeed, possible, even when nothing around us changes. The Bible makes it clear that there was nothing in our old life worth saving or improving. We are all hopelessly wretched, worthless, and wicked (Romans 3:10-18). Jesus died on the cross to make His resurrection life available to us, not to improve our old sin-filled life. He wants to replace our old life with Himself, so He can live His victorious life through us every hour of every day.

God will orchestrate situations in your life to bring you to the absolute end of yourself so you will finally surrender your life to Christ and find the peace that has alluded you all your life. It’s only a decision away. Are you ready?


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