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Simon, son of John, do you love Me? (John 21:17)

In these turbulent days of invading armies (Russia), invading diseases (Covid 19), invading ideologies (Woke), invading destroyers (Cancel Culture), and invading theologies (Replacement Theology), we desperately need eyes to see behind the curtain so we can discern what’s really happening on a deeper level. Christians must have a sound, biblical theology that teaches the proper relationship between Israel and the Church. Otherwise, we will be unable to understand where we are in the eschatological (end times) timeline, how we should respond, and why we can have hope.

God’s Perspective

If there is sin in our lives or anything that we are trying to keep hidden, we become spiritually blinded to the truth because sin blinds us spiritually. This will prevent us from walking by faith, so we find ourselves walking by sight—a sight that cannot see anything from God’s perspective. We end up seeing want we want to see—whatever protects us and our secret sins. A byproduct of this deception is our inability to feel the pain of a guilty conscience. Our sin has dulled our senses. We no longer feel the cutting knife of God’s heart surgery.

The Truth about Ourselves

This brief summary explains why no one is naturally drawn to God or His Word (John 6:44). My point in all this is that we are drawn to God and His Word after we have come to the end of our deceptions about ourselves. Once we realize the truth of what exists deep within us, and we can no longer keep it hidden, we are ready to seek forgiveness (for our sin and distrust), to repent, and to find relief from the burden we have been carrying). But it begins with a realization of the futility of trying to hide anything from God (and those near to us). We will learn that the same Word (Bible) that convicts us also offers forgiveness and relief.

How Precious?

How precious is God’s Word to you? Do you look forward to reading it, or do you fear it or just ignore it? If it hasn’t brought the peace and comfort you desire, perhaps you haven’t yet allowed it to bring the pain that must come first. The question Jesus is asking you is the same question He asked Peter: “Do you love Me?” He doesn’t mean a natural or sentimental love, but one that will keep you from ever denying Him when your own life is on the line.

Before Peter could honestly answer, “Yes,” he had to be shown what resided deep within him despite his boastful claims of loyalty. Only after experiencing the pain of denying his Lord three times, could he realize his need for help “from outside himself” and be able to honestly say that he loved Jesus in the deepest possible way.

Unload our Burden

If we are to please our Lord in the days that are upon us, we must be willing to go through the same process that changed Peter. Just like Christian in Pilgrim’s Progress, we must unload our burden if we are to be successful in our journey to the Celestial City. We must be alert to the dangers and deceptions we are facing, and this will only happen if we are able to see our rapidly changing world from God’s perspective. We must know the truth that will set us free and keep us safe.

Just being saved isn’t enough. Satan, the master of deception will use false teaching, enticing words and alluring enticements to take us off the straight and narrow path we are on. Don’t be fooled. Love God and the Word of Christ with all your heart so you won’t be ashamed when Christ asks you, “Do you really love Me?”


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