Today we wrap up our series by examining the remaining pieces of our spiritual armor.

The Helmet of Salvation

Since a helmet protects the head, the helmet of salvation protects the mind from everything that comes against our understanding and our living out the facts of every part of our salvation—the facts regarding our justification by which we have already been saved from the penalty of sin, our sanctification by which we are being saved from the power of sin by learning to walk in light of the fact that the power of sin over us has been broken. Finally, this helmet enables us to know that one day, in our glorification, we will be saved from the presence of sin in heaven. This helmet enables us to live every day in light of the reality of these three facets of our salvation.

As the breastplate of righteousness makes us bolder, this helmet makes us more confident, right now and as we anticipate the future. This arms us against the doubts that too often, assail us.

The Sword of the Spirit

This sword represents the word of God and is our only offensive weapon. It is secured in the belt of truth because it is the truth of the word that slays Satan’s henchmen every time. Rhēma, the Greek word for “word” of God means a direct spoken word from God at a particular time for a specific situation. This is powerful because once God has spoken, it’s as good as done (Isaiah 55:11). This is why we should never engage in battle until we have heard from God, however He may choose to speak to us.

This is the small sword meant for close hand-to-hand combat. We are not archers shooting arrows “anonymously” from a safe distance. We are expected to engage the enemy up close and personal, so he knows that it’s us coming against him. Our training enables us to use this small sword (machaira) to stab the enemy in just the right places, often in the back as you reach around him while holding him with your other hand. This training takes place as we spend time in the Word. If we know what Scripture to use at that moment, we will deal a death blow. This is guaranteed. We don’t have to be martial arts experts. We just have to know what’s in our Bibles. Click here for an entire articles on the Sword of the Spirit.

Put on Prayer

Verse 18 tells us that in addition to putting on our armor, we are to put on prayer, having a constant attitude of prayer always being alert and watchful, especially in our praying for the needs of all believers. Since the Spirit knows how to pray better than we do, we are to depend on the Spirit to direct and empower our prayers.

How Do We Do This?

Since we must put on the armor every day, this process must become part of our daily routine. He is a suggestion to help you know what to mentally say as you prepare each morning:

I put on the Belt of Truth, so Satan’s lies will have no effect on me. Since you are Truth, Lord Jesus, live your life through me today so that everything I think and say will be based on truth.

I put on the Breastplate of Righteousness, guarding my heart with Christ’s own righteousness, keeping it pure and making me bold as a lion.

I put on the Sandals of Peace, readying myself to take the gospel, to share the gospel, and to defend the gospel, sharing the peace of God that has changed my life.

I take up the Shield of Faith with which I can neutralize everything that Satan or his demons throw at me today. I will reinforce my shield as you build my faith through whatever trial you may allow in my life today.

I put on the Helmet of Salvation, guarding my mind against everything that comes against my understanding and my living out of every aspect of my salvation: my justification (past), my sanctification (present), and my glorification (future).

I take up the Sword of the Spirit, Your Word to me regarding whatever trial I may face today. I will not respond until I hear from You, however You may choose to speak.

Holy Spirit, keep me in an attitude of prayer today so that at Your prompting, I will intercede for those You place on my heart.


This concludes our series. The fact that we are given this armor shows that we are, indeed, in a war, and we will need this armor. I hope this series has equipped you to enter the battle fully prepared and more confident than ever.

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