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CAIR flag blood

San Diego Schools Using Muslim Group with Ties to Terrorism to Fight Islamophobia

Democrats Demanding that Immigration Officials Stop Deporting Illegals Convicted of Violent Crimes

National Health Service prescribes Islam for mentally-ill Muslims

University Offers Counseling for Students Traumatized by Pro-Life Display 
pro life display
Why the Left Has Ignored Christian Persecution and Genocide(MUST READ)

New Study Proves Trump Right – 72 Terrorists have come from Countries on Travel Ban

George Soros Funded Terrorist Group “Antifa” Plans to Make US “Ungovernable (MUST READ & WATCH)

isis recruitsTWO MUST READ very brief articles:
Meet the Average American Ready to Fight for ISIS in the US
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Sabotage: Obama Is Commanding an Army of 30,000 Anti-Trump Activists from His Home 2 Miles from the White House(MUST RERAD)

Muslim Professor at Georgetown University Defends Slavery and Rape when Done in Islam

Pray for Safa, Beaten for Converting to Christianity

Gay Weddings over Religious Freedom


Bond-Slaves of Christ

 chaosWhy is it that we get so upset over what’s going on in politics and in the world? It’s easy to rationalize that what’s happening around us may affect our lives, and we like things just the way they are. Or at least we want our lives to improve, and what we’re seeing poses a serious threat. What it comes down to is that we want to control what happens to us, and when things look like they might spin out of our control, we start to panic.

The apostle Paul had plenty of reasons to complain about his situations, but he had a mindset that was unaffected by circumstances. Even in prison, he rejoiced that his circumstances had worked out for the furtherance of the gospel. His level of submission to Jesus Christ was so great that he considered himself a bond-slave of Christ.

Bond-slaves were those who had earned their freedom, but due to their love for their masters, the had chosen to stay. For them, getting their ear pierced (with an awl) was a mark of willing servitude. We have trouble with this whole idea since we never associate anything good with “slavery.” In reality, the master took care of all the slave’s (servant’s) needs. The slave’s job was to look out for the master’s interests by simply obeying.

servantTo me, this sounds a lot like Matthew 6:33: Seek first, the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you. We’re not supposed to be concerned about how things are going “out there.” That’s the master’s concern, not ours. He’s got everything under control. We’re simply to listen for His voice, and follow his orders.

This is how Paul operated, and the same should be true for us. It doesn’t matter if our feathers get ruffled or if we are pulled out of our comfort zone. Our master has our back, regardless of how things go, either for us or for the world around us. By becoming His bond-slave, we are actually freed from the responsibility of keeping everything “in order.” That’s our master’s job. Our role is simple. We are to show our love for Him simply by obeying Him, one step at a time and then waiting for our next assignment. He’s got everything else covered. Now, isn’t that freeing?



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