To fully experience all that God has for us, we must escape our comfort zone.


comfort zoneWe spend way too much time in our comfort zone. Somewhere in our mind is the notion that we will have reached true success when we finally reach that state and place where we can firmly place ourselves and things run smoothly because we are in our element, we know what we are doing, and we have a right to enjoy the fruit of all our labors as we trained for this day.

This may possibly work in the world, but when it comes to living in the spirit, it will lead to our demise. If we are in a place where we feel we are capable of handling everything, we have come to a premature end on our journey to know and understand God. God’s desire for us is that we willingly move from where we are to where He wants us to be. His method for accomplishing this is the same for all of us. He calls us to obey Him as He leads us one step at a time. He may give us a glimpse of where He is taking us, but most likely, He will not. He simply asks us to obey what He has told us. obedience

Obedience is the key to growing closer to God and receiving all that He has for us. It is the doorway to all that we know is available, but has alluded us on our spiritual journey. Too often, the reason we choose not to obey is that He is asking us to venture out of our comfort zone, and that’s scary. We like life to be predictable whenever possible. It has enough challenges, so why willingly add more?


comfort zone 1What it comes down to is this. Would I rather stay in my comfort zone or learn what I need to know about God? Would I rather feel like I got this, and know what to expect, or experience God on a new and exciting level that will reveal just how dependent on Him I really am? Am I willing to ask Him what He desires for my life, or am I content with things the way they are?

This reveals if I’m serious about surrendering my life to Him or not. Surrender means that I will go anywhere and do anything for my Lord. All He has to do is ask. Actually, He doesn’t ask us to do anything. He commands us, and our response shows whether we love Him or not. The reality of this is that His command may require a major change in my life and possibly in my lifestyle. This will send my prayer life into high gear, and force me to trust the God I claim to love at a deeper level. Isn’t that what God wants for me and from me?follow jesus

Peter, Andrew, James and John had to leave their boats and their former lives behind to follow Jesus. They had to leave their comfort zone. They didn’t just believe in Jesus. They actually followed Him, and the same is required of you and me. If we truly want to experience God at a deeper level, some adjustments will be required. We will be faced with a huge decision. Will we make whatever adjustments are required and enjoy a closer walk with God, or will we choose to remain in our comfort zone and likely be put on the shelf for the rest of our lives?



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