This week’s news plus our greatest response to what’s happening around us


Families, friends mourn beloved officers killed in Temple Mount attack

Close Pope Associates Tick Off Millions With Insult Against Christian Trump Supporters

I support Israel because i am a Christian” VP Mike Pence promises that President Trump will move the Capital of Israel to Jerusalem

North Korean Threat Gets Frightening Boost from New Atomic Fuel Estimates 

Media Shocked As Details of Clinton-Linked Death of Klaus Eberwein Emerge

In meeting with Netanyahu, Hungary’s PM acknowledges “sin” of WWll

Yikes! Russian Military unveils Kalashnikov produced Unmanned Robot AI Gun System

Bombshell: New Peer-Reviewed Report Destroys Climate Alarmists, Proves Global Warming Not Credible

U.S. Postal Service Employees Broke Law Supporting Hillary Clinton

Three Palestinians reported killed in protests in Jerusalem, West Bank 

Spare Us the Crocodile Tears

The Temple at Shiloh: an Exciting Find in Israel



Pro-Rape Books Found in UK Islamic School



Go and Make Disciples 

Courtesy of Israel Today

Tension is escalating at the Temple Mount while Hamas’s hate campaign against Israel continues. Children are being taught to do unspeakable things. We are learning of advanced weapons systems in the hands of our enemies. The Clinton body count rises, and more political dirty tricks are revealed. In the midst of all this is the exciting archaeological find in Israel, reminding us that God’s presence in the past continues into the present.

The Republicans are unable to take advantage of their majorities while the Democrats continue to display their complete lack of direction. How much more evidence do we need to prove that when it comes to solving our most pressing problems, mortal men are not up to the challenge. Personal and party agendas (like getting re-elected) trump reasoned and thoughtful approaches to solving our difficult problems. Compromising for the common good is out of the question. Everybody has something to prove, and in the end, the nation suffers.

So, who are we to follow? Well, how about Jesus? He has said, “Follow Me” in the past, and His offer is still active. Those who followed Him while He walked the earth were called talmidim. This is the word from which we get “disciples.” In Jesus’ day, those who wanted to follow a certain rabbi (usually the one under whom they had been studying for a long time) they asked the rabbi if they could follow him, becoming his personal talmid. Only the best and brightest were accepted.

Then came Jesus, the rabbi of rabbis, who turned the system upside down. He took the initiative and invited potential followers (talmidim) to follow him. He further shook up the system by going to those who hadn’t made it to the top of the class. He invited simple fishermen, men in whom he saw something not revealed in school. He knew their hearts.

This should encourage us today. Jesus approaches every-day people and says, “Come, follow Me.” He doesn’t see what we were, or even what we are. He sees what we can become after He indwells our lives via the Holy Spirit. He’s not looking for superstars. He’s looking for anyone who is willing to be like the Rabbi. Knowing what the rabbi knows isn’t enough. He is looking for those who are willing to walk with Him, wherever He goes.

It’s worth keeping this in mind as we consider this week’s news. For those of us who claim to be followers of Jesus, we’ve got a message to bring to a world that really needs to hear it. Jesus sought out the brokenhearted, those who were hurting, and those who needed a friend. He also faced serious opposition along the way, and his response set the example for us to follow. Instead of retaliating after he had been falsely accused, He simply entrusted Himself and His situation to His Father, Who would set the record straight His way, based on His purpose in allowing the suffering.

The Bible makes it clear that the way we respond to unjust suffering will determine the degree to which we will share in Christ’s glory when He returns (1 Peter 1:7, 4:13, 5:1). Our proper response will also find favor with God (1 Peter 2:19-25), and when God is pleased with us, we are in the best of all possible situations. The world is a mess, but that’s not our problem to fix. Our marching orders are still the same-to go and make disciples, men and women who will follow Jesus anywhere.



Just read that 4,153,237 people got married last year. Not to cause any trouble but shouldn’t that be an even number?


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