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Part 1: God Protects Colonel Washington

Today we begin a series on just what the Cancel Culture wants to cancel. To introduce the series, I’m presenting an example of what history lessons used to be like. In 1856 a Maryland history textbook told the story of George Washington at age 23 during the French and Indian War 20 years before the American Revolution. To refresh your memories, the French and Indians were fighting against the Americans and the British.

Ready for Battle

Great Britain, under General Edward Braddock had sent 2300 troops to join the troops of the Virginia Militia serving under young Colonel Washington. They divided into two groups. Washington and his 100 buckskins joined 1300 of General Braddock’s troops and marched north to Fort Duquesne. Seven miles from the fort they were ambushed in a ravine. After two hours 714 of their combined troops had been killed. Only 30 of the French and Indians had been shot.

When the battle had ended, Washington was the only one of the 86 British and American officers who had not been shot off his horse. On July 17, 1775, the surviving troops retreated to Fort Cumberland in northern Maryland. The following day Washington wrote his mother and brother a letter which was included in the history textbook. He explained that when he arrived safely at the fort, he had four bullet holes in his jacket but not one touched him. He had bullet fragments in his hair, and several horses had been shot out from under him. Yet, he had not been harmed. God had miraculously protected him and kept him through the battle.

A Reunion for the Ages

Fifteen years later in 1770 (a time of peace), Washington and a friend returned to the Pennsylvania woods. An old Indian chief traveled a great distance to meet with him. Over a council fire, the chief said, “Fifteen years ago we were both here in these woods. I told my braves to single you out and fire at you. I personally fired at you 17 times. When we saw that our bullets were having no effect on you, I told them to stop shooting at you. I have traveled all this way to meet the man God would not let die in battle.”

How could any student not like history after reading accounts like this? Yet, stories like these are what the Cancel Culture wants to erase from history. More to come next week.



For the first time in American History, American History is no longer allowed in America.

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